Garmin Fenix 6 – Features and Specifications

Fenix 6 is a robust smart watch that comes with a wide range of features. We look at some of the salient features of the Fenix 6 smart watch, and seek to address queries of users who are on the verge of taking a decision to buy a new Fenix 6 smart watch.

Fenix 6 smart watch from Garmin

Music on Fenix 6

Fenix 6 smart watch does not have music storage or integration with the music apps like Spotify. The Fenix 6 device does allow you to play music through your phone. The Garmin software will afford you an opportunity to control music on the paired mobile phone. Music control widget is on the Garmin Fenix 6. This widget will allow you to control music from the paired phone.

GPS on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 smart phone has support for GPS satellite systems. Like most Garmin devices, the Fenix 6 smart watch has support for the GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems. The Garmin software system, currently, does not support the Chinese satellite system – Beidou or the Japanese satellite system QZSS.

For most users, the default GPS setting of GPS works well in providing GPS connectivity and accurate data. Otherwise, GPS + GLONASS is known to provide accurate GPS tracking data for the Fenix 6 smart watches.

Sapphire glass on Fenix 6

Fenix 6 base model does not have sapphire glass. Sapphire is the third strongest material in the world. Watches made of the sapphire glass are known to be strong, and protect against damages to the watch screen.

Firmware updates on Fenix 6

Fenix 6 smart watch gets product updates through the Garmin express and Garmin connect app. Garmin express is the software that can be loaded on your desktop computer or laptop. Garmin connect app is installed on your mobile phone.

iOS and Android compatibility on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 is compatible with iOS and Android mobile phone operating system. There are certain features that are only available on the android phones. These include the ability to receive calls or reply to text messages.

Google Pay on Fenix 6

Google Pay uses NFC for contactless payments. Garmin’s Fenix 6 works with Google Pay to assure contactless payments. So, yes, Garmin Fenix 6 does have Google Pay.

Fenix 6 swimming

Garmin Fenix 6 is given a water rating of ATM 10. It has a water resistance to sustain a depth pressure of up to 100 meters or 330 feet below water level. So, it is suitable for surface swimming. Fenix 6 should not be used for scuba diving.

Golf on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 does have golf. You will need to download the golf course data from your mobile phone. Fenix 6 does not come with preloaded gold course data.

Display size Fenix 6

The Fenix 6 watch has a display size of 1.3 inch or 33 mm diameter.

Corning Gorilla Glass Fenix 6 devices

Yes, Fenix 6 comes with a Corning Gorilla glass. The glass is an industry standard glass that is used by many smart watch manufacturers in the world.

Battery life of Fenix 6

Fenix 6 comes with a lithium-ion battery. It has a battery life of 48 days on the battery saver mode and 14 days on the smart watch mode. GPS mode comes with 36 hours battery life and MAX GPS mode comes with 72 hours battery life. Expedition mode yields a battery life of up to 28 days.

Memory of Fenix

Garmin Fenix 6 has an inbuilt memory of 64 Mb. This is one of the reasons that Fenix 6 does not allow on-device music storage.

Heart rate monitoring on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 does have constant heart rate (every second) monitoring and it also sends in alerts about abnormal heart rate behavior. The wrist based heart rate monitor will also give you a base heart rest rate every day.

Locate your lost mobile with Fenix 6

Yes, you can locate a lost mobile using your Fenix 6 watch. To locate the lost mobile, the mobile and the Fenix 6 watch need to be within the Bluetooth range and both devices ought to have a good Bluetooth connection. You can find the lost mobile using the controls menu on the Fenix 6 watch. You can access the controls menu using the light button on the Fenix 6 smart watch.

Receive calls on Fenix 6

With a paired phone, Fenix 6 can be used to receive incoming calls. When you receive a call on the mobile, you will get the caller name or number and an option to accept or decline the call on Fenix 6 watch. If you choose to accept the call, you will need to use the mobile device to answer the call and talk to the caller. In other words, you can pick a call through the Fenix watch and the voice stream will need to be sent through the paired mobile phone. However, you need to note the fact that this feature is only available on the Android mobile phones.

Text message replies on Fenix 6

Yes, you can use Fenix 6 to reply to a text message on an Android mobile phone. You will need to use one of the pre-existing or pre-defined messages through the Garmin connect app. This message is sent to the other party using your smartphone that is paired with the Fenix 6 watch.

Incident detection or fall detection on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 has a matured incident response system. The incident response system is available when you are in an outdoor walk, run or bike activities. You will need a working GPS connection on the Fenix 6 and the smart phone. When Fenix 6 detects a fall, it will send an emergency message to the designated emergency contact. The message is sent out through your mobile phone and carrier charges are payable for such incident detection messages.

GroupTrack session on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 does have an ability to record GroupTrack sessions with other Fenix devices. You will need to pair the Fenix 6 with your smart phone and connect with other Fenix devices that are available on the map.

Pulse oximeter in Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 does have an in-built pulse oximeter feature to measure oxygen saturation in the blood. The pulse oximeter can be started manually using the pulse oximeter widget on the watch. You can take a one-off reading of blood oxygen saturation or you can enable the all-day readings from the widget.

Pedometer or step counter in Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 does have a step counter. The step counter will update the number of steps periodically and it can be enabled through the widget on the smart watch.

Sleep tracking on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 does have sleep tracking. It will record your sleep data and report the statistics that will include the total sleep time, sleep move and sleep levels. To enable automated sleep tracking, you will need to wear the Fenix 6 while sleeping.

Timezones on Fenix 6

Fenix 6 allows you to define up to 4 additional time zones. In all, the Fenix 6 smart watch can show time in five different time zone. Alternate time zones can be defined using the alternate time zones widget on the watch.

Gyroscope on Fenix 6

A gyroscope is used to measure orientation and angular velocity using spinning wheels. Fenix 6 does have a gyroscope.

Does Fenix 6 have an altimeter or barometer?

Yes, Fenix 6 does have a barometer to record elevation data. Together with the GPS data, the elevation data is very useful for accurate location and positional tracking.

Weather report on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 reports weather data that includes the current temperature and weather forecast. Weather data is brought to you through the weather widget on the Fenix 6 smart watch.

Dog tracking Fenix 6

One of the best features for dog lovers. A Fenix 6 can help you track your dog. For this to work, you will need a dog tracking device or band that can be paired with the Fenix 6 smart watch. Data collected by the dog tracker will be displayed on the Fenix 6 smart watch.

Sunrise and Sunset times on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 will show the sunrise and sunset times for the day.

Respiration data on Fenix 6

Fenix 6 will show respiration data that comprises of breaths per minute. It will also show the 7 day average of the respiration data. This feature is very useful to conduct breathing exercises and recording the breath data for such exercises. This feature is also useful for people who practice Yoga.

Custom watch faces on Fenix 6

Yes, Fenix 6 can show custom watch faces. We do, however, suggest using watch faces that are developed by Garmin to avoid issues. You can use custom watch faces by downloading these from the Connect IQ. The watch face can be easily enabled using the watch menu on Fenix 6.

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