Garmin Fenix 5 Battery Replacement

Garmin Fenix 5 is one of the robust smart watches. The battery of Fenix should last for 2-5 years. A lot of it also depends upon the type of apps and clock faces you have installed on the Fenix 5. Using Garmin’s clock faces would definitely reduce the battery drain and prolong the battery life.

But, what happens when the battery runs out on the Fenix 5. Can the battery of Garmin Fenix 5 be replaced? Does Garmin perform battery replacements? Or would you have to get the battery replaced in the off-market? We review the battery replacement on Fenix 5, and consider all the options that are available for prolonging the life of your Fenix 5 smart watch.

Does Garmin Fenix 5 repair the watch to replace the batteries?

If your Fenix 5 is in warranty, and believe that the battery has worn out, your smart watch’s replacement will be done by Garmin without any expense to you. All you need to do is to contact the Garmin customer support. However, if your Fenix 5 is out of warranty, then we have a few options to go about battery replacement.

Garmin does offer battery replacement on out of warranty Fenix 5 for a charge. Again, you will need to contact the Garmin customer support and explain the situation to them. Garmin will send in a cost estimate. In normal situations, this may be a charge of $100-120. For more precise estimates, you will have to work with the Garmin customer support team. Our estimates may be off by a few dollars. The important thing to note over here is that the company is prepared to service your Fenix 5 on out of warranty smart watches for a fee. Such a replacement and service would come with the Garmin’s service assurance. Your are assured of the quality of the replaced part, and also the overall quality of the watch repair.

I know of a friend who was asked $170 for his Fenix 5X battery replacement. This would have made his Fenix 5X watch like a new smart watch, and the battery would have lasted another couple of years at least. It did make sense for him to use the option provided by Garmin to get his Fenix 5X repaired and battery replaced with a new one.

In some cases that I know of personally, Garmin has offered refurbished Fenix 5 smart watch to users who complained of dead battery. The Fenix 5 watches with battery issues were out of warranty. And, the refurbished Fenix 5 was provided for a charge. That is apparently clear because the product was out of warranty.

What if you would like to have a cheaper option for battery replacement on a Fenix 5? Yes, there are options that are available for off-market battery replacement of a Fenix 5. In case you wish to get your Fenix 5’s battery replaced outside Garmin, you will need to buy a battery and replace it on the Fenix 5 watch.

The part number of Fenix 5 battery is:

  • Part number: 361-00097-00
  • 3.7V Li-Polymer 230mAh/0.85Wh

The 230 mAH battery is available on Amazon for under $20. If you know how to replace the battery on the Fenix 5, this would be a money-saver for you. The entire exercise of battery replacement won’t cost you more than $20. Alternatively, you could choose to get your Fenix 5 serviced and repaired by a watch technician or a mobile repair technician. Such service may cost you another $50 or so, over and above the battery cost. However, you will save yourself the hassle of battery replacement. Effectively, you would have a new 230 mAH battery on the Fenix 5 for under $100 with a watch technician. Most batteries available on Amazon comes with 12 month product warranty. You may, however, check the details about claiming the warranty terms.

While the local market battery replacements are a cost saver, we do have a few caveats about the repair services.

  1. The replaced battery may not offer your the battery life that an original Fenix 5 battery will offer.
  2. The replaced battery that has been acquired locally may drain faster than the original Fenix 5 battery. Always-on-display is a major battery hog. If you intend to use AOD on Fenix 5, a local battery may require frequent charging because of drain on the battery.
  3. Finally, Fenix 5 is a sealed watch unit. Getting the watch repaired in the local market will involve opening the watch and sealing the watch again. The possible impact could be on the waterproofing of the Fenix 5. If the watch seal is not replaced firmly, the consequences could be on the smooth functioning of the Fenix 5.

Final decision in respect of battery replacement will have to be taken by you. It will boil down to one question? Do you intend to save $50 by replacing the battery in local market or would you prefer repair at an authorized Garmin service center. Personally speaking, going with out of warranty service at Garmin service center should be the preferred choice.

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