Garmin Connect app bug prevents personal records from being saved

Garmin Connect app is unable to store personal records created on the affected Garmin smartwatch devices. This issue was first reported on 20th September 2022. The issue seems to have happened subsequent to the release of Garmin Connect update on 19th September 2022.

As per the issue description, when the user makes a new personal best record, he gets the default option to ‘Accept new personal record’. When you tap on it, you will get an error message that states ‘An error occurred’. Effectively, you are unable to save the record on the Garmin Connect app.

The current issue affects the following versions of Garmin Connect app:

  • Garmin Connect app version 4.59 on the Google Play Store for Android phones
  • Garmin Connect app version 4.59.1 on the Apple app store for iPhone

Garmin is aware of the issue and is working on bring a fix in the next release of Garmin Connect app. The last update on Garmin Connect app happened on 19th September 2022. This issue was reported for the first time on 20th September 2022. Lately, more users have complained to Garmin support team about the inability to store personal records on the Garmin Connect app.

On an interim basis, Garmin suggests using the web edition of Garmin Connect app to store personal record data. Garmin Connect web is able to store personal records seamlessly. Until Garmin releases the next version of the Garmin Connect app, you would need to access the web edition of Garmin Connect app on

The web edition of Garmin Connect can be accessed through this link.

When you visit the Garmin Connect web link, you will need to provide authentication details to access the web panel. Upon successful validation, you will be able to store your personal record on the Garmin Connect web version of the app. Below is a screen capture of the Garmin Connect web edition page.

Garmin Connect web

We will post an update about the next release of Garmin Connect app as and when it is made available by Garmin. Understandably, the workaround shared by Garmin does cause a bit of an inconvenience. But, for now, we have to wait for the next release of the app that should, purportedly, contain a fix for storing personal records on the Garmin Connect app.

For the record, the issue has been officially confirmed by Garmin as a bug. So, we ought to wait for the developers to resolve the issue as part of the app release cycle.

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