Fitbit Versa 2 firmware stalls some devices

Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch owners have been receiving firmware update since September 2022. This firmware update adds the SpO2 monitoring clock face on the Versa 2. The firmware update is sought after by many Versa 2 device owners because of the SpO2 clock face.

This firmware update also contains an update to the Fitbit OS or Fitbit operating system. Prior to this firmware update, the previous firmware update version upgraded the Fitbit OS to version 4.2.2. Fitbit Versa 2 firmware version will upgrade the Fitbit OS to version 4.2.4 on the Versa 2 devices.

However, some users are reporting multiple issues after firmware rollout of version on the Versa 2 device.

  • Some users have complained about the Fitbit Versa 2 getting stalled after implementing firmware The device goes dead. It may be a good idea to contact Fitbit customer support with the issue. Since the watch would be out of warranty, Fitbit support may offer you a discount or rebate coupon for a new Fitbit device. This is an unfortunate situation to be in.
  • The screen of your Versa 2 device may become unresponsive. Or, the screen may behave abruptly. Again, it is suggested that you may need to contact Fitbit support to address the issue. Since the watch would be out of warranty, we are not sure of any possible fix for the issue. You may end up getting a rebate coupon from Fitbit for a new Fitbit watch.
  • Your Versa 2 device may lose Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone after the firmware update to version
  • You may be unable to swipe the screen of Fitbit Versa 2 after deploying the firmware version The screen becomes unresponsive to swipe action.
  • Sleep tracking may fail on the Versa 2 after implementing or deploying firmware version on the device.

This firmware update version for Fitbit Versa 2 has been causing all sorts of different and unpredictable issues on the affected devices. We understand that not all Versa 2 devices are affected. The issues seem to be random and impact a few Versa 2 device owners.

Since most Versa 2 devices will be out of warranty, there is nothing much to expect in terms of support for the affected devices.

Fitbit has been slow to address the issues or confirm the issues through an official statement. We do see that the Fitbit support team has offered 35% rebate coupons for new Fitbit devices to users who are affected by the firmware update version

Given this background, it may be a wise idea to desist from updating firmware on Versa 2 to firmware version This looks like the best approach until we hear more from Fitbit. So, our suggestion is to stick to Fitbit Versa 2 version

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