Fitbit Sense – smartwatch for 2022

Fitbit Sense is a value for money smartwatch that has an exhaustive range of features for health and heart monitoring. Fitbit Sense is based on the Fitbit operating system and works well with iPhones and Android based mobile phones. We look at some common queries of people in relation to the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. These would help you make a clear decision about buying a Fitbit Sense or giving it a miss.


Does Fitbit Sense have blood pressure?

Fitbit Sense does not have any feature that would take blood pressure readings. Fitbit, however, is working on an algorithm that will help you take blood pressure readings in the future. Taking blood pressure readings through the smartwatch is a work in progress for most smartwatch companies. This includes Apple and Samsung. The technology behind the process of taking blood pressure readings through a wrist based smartwatch is evolving. The challenge lies in achieving the desired level of accuracy for the blood pressure readings.

Does Fitbit Sense ECG work in Canada?

Fitbit Sense has an in-built ECG app to find issues with heart rhythm. The ECG app allows you to take on-demand ECG and check heart rhythm. The ECG app can detect cases of atrial fibrillation. You can take ECG readings and share the reading with your doctor. For a budget smartwatch, Fitbit Sense offers an insightful ECG feature through the ECG app. However, ECG app is subject to regulatory approval in most countries. Health departments and Governments approve the health tracking equipment and devices.

Fitbit ECG app can show three results after taking an ECG graph.

  • Normal Sinus rhythm
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Inconclusive

If you get inconclusive readings or atrial fibrillation, it would be prudent to discuss it with a doctor. You can export the ECG from the Fitbit app on your smartphone. When Fitbit Sense will perform a sync with the Fitbit app on the paired smartphone, the ECG graph is synchronized on the Fitbit app in the smartphone.

ECG app on Fitbit Sense has been approved by Health Canada in December 2020. It was rolled out on the Fitbit Sense smartwatches in Canada in February 2021. As of now, the ECG app works flawlessly on Fitbit Sense smartwatches in Canada. If you are unable to get the ECG app to work in Canada, try to reset your Fitbit Sense and uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit app on the paired smartphone. This should help you pull the ECG app and get it working in Canada.

Does Fitbit Sense have music storage for offline playing?

Music storage on a smartwatch comes from device storage. On-device storage helps you in storing audio files on the smartwatch for offline listening. Offline music is a significant requirement for people who are outdoors and cannot stream the music from online sites like Spotify. If you are a runner, it is a hassle to stream music over the Internet using a third party app. Fitbit Sense offers music through the use of premium apps that work on a subscription service model. Deezer and Pandora are the two subscription apps that integrate with the Fitbit app and Fitbit operating system. You will still need a working Internet connection to get Deezer or Pandora apps to stream music on your Fitbit Sense watch. There is no offline music ability on the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. This is quite a disappointment for long distance runners and athletes. It becomes even more strange because the Fitbit Ionic did have offline music storage to play the music files directly from the watch.

To play offline music through Deezer or Pandora, you need to check if any of the two apps are available in your country. Deezer and Pandora are not available in all countries. It may be relevant to know that the Deezer app costs $9.99 a month. It is an additional expense that you will have to incur to stream music through the Deezer app on Fitbit Sense.

To play music offline while on a run, you will need a Garmin Venu 2 or a Garmin Fenix smartwatch. An in-depth description of the Fitbit Sense music feature is available on this page.

Does Fitbit Sense have GPS?

Yes, Fitbit Sense does have GPS features or capabilities. It supports the GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. GPS satellite systems are managed by the United States. GLONASS is the Russian satellite system. Fitbit Sense does not support the Galileo GPS satellite systems. Galileo satellite systems are managed by the European Space Agency. As of now, Galileo comprises 24 satellites. These satellites offer excellent GPS network coverage over Europe, with pinpoint accuracy of GPS locational data.

Lack of Galileo satellite support on Fitbit Sense has not had any reported instances of poor GPS coverage. Using GPS + GLONASS on a Fitbit Sense provides accurate navigation data on the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. GPS accuracy on Fitbit Sense is in line with most other smartwatches. Apple Watch and Garmin Fenix GPS accuracy is top line though.

GPS can be turned off for each exercise for which GPS tracking is enabled. GPS can be enabled for any exercise that you wish to track. Enabling or disabling GPS on Fitbit Sense is easy. You will need to toggle on or off the GPS.


We tried to answer user queries about Fitbit Sense, and we concluded that:

  • Fitbit Sense ECG is now available in Canada. But a Fitbit Sense cannot take blood pressure readings.
  • Fitbit Sense cannot play music through offline storage.
  • Fitbit GPS does not support Galileo satellite system.

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