Fitbit Sense Battery Replacement

Fitbit Sense is a premium smart watch. It is a level above the Fitbit Versa 3 in terms of features and capabilities. One of the frequently asked questions about the Fitbit Sense smart watch is – Can I replace the battery of Fitbit Sense? Or, to put in other words, battery replacement of a Fitbit Sense is one the most intriguing questions for a Sense owner.

Fitbit Sense is sold as a sealed unit, and the company has stated that it is not possible to replace the battery of a Fitbit Sense or to interchange it with another battery that would fit in to the Sense watch. The Fitbit Sense retails for $299 on Amazon as of August 2021. That’s a pretty expensive smart watch. The battery on Fitbit Sense should easily last for 2 years, if not more. Lack of replacement options from Fitbit mean that you are out of any decent luck when the Fitbit Sense loses charge, and eventually dies out with a black screen. Does this mean that you will have to buy a new smart watch once the battery on Fitbit Sense is dead? From the Fitbit’s stated position, it is clear that the company does not have means to offer battery replacements for the Sense smart watch. This limits us to trying our luck in the after-market segment.

Looking at the after market options for battery replacement, one can say that there are options available. A good mobile repair technician should be able to replace the Lithium ion battery of Fitbit Versa. Replacement battery should cost you around $15. And the replacement costs charged by the technician should be in the range of $50-$100. Practically speaking, replacing the batteries on a Fitbit Sense would cost you anywhere between $60-$100, depending on the place you are in. Such after-market battery replacement comes with a 3 month warranty, at best. You are on your own after that 3 month period passes out. Essentially, you are paying one-third the cost of a new Fitbit Sense watch to put in a new battery, that may last for a little close to one year. But, the replaced battery is warranted for only 3 months. This definitely does not merit any discussion or decision. It would be a wiser decision to buy a new smart watch rather than investing on an after-market battery for replacing the original Fitbit Sense battery.

Alternatively, you could follow online videos to replace the battery on a Fitbit Sense. Should you be able to do so, the overall costs of battery replacement on a Fitbit Versa would be well under $20. That will be a sweet bargain, and give your Sense an extended life without incurring a huge cost for battery replacement.

Expectedly, it is frustrating to see a Fitbit smart watch die out in 1-2 years time. However, battery replacements from the local market may not be the smartest idea on a Fitbit Sense watch. Both in terms of cost, and also in terms of potential damage suffered on account of opening a sealed unit and closing it thereafter. The bottom-line is – Get a new smart watch. That would be the best value for money decision that you could take, if and when your Fitbit Sense battery dies out.

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