Fitbit Premium renewal problems and issues

Fitbit premium is a premium subscription service that seeks to offer premium services and premium experience to Fitbit users like the smart watches and fitness bands. Some users of Fitbit premium have run into unique renewal issues. They are charged for the subscription services, but they are unable to access the premium features.

Fitbit premium not working after renewal

Some of the chief complaints on the renewal of Fitbit premium are mentioned herein:

  • a customer renews the Fitbit premium service, he is charged the full amount. However, the premium functions and features remain unavailable on the Fitbit app.
  • a customer renews the Fitbit premium service, and is charged the full amount. The payment information does not reflect on the account and the premium features get blocked on the Fitbit app.

Clearly, the payment information and the Fitbit app are disjointed. Once a Fitbit user makes complete payment of the Fitbit premium services, the payment information needs to sync with the user’s Fitbit profile and Fitbit app. However, it appears that there seems to be a disconnect somewhere for the affected users.


Not all users run into this issue, though. The issue seems to affect most people:

  • who let their Fitbit premium expire, after having exhausted the subscription period of a month of year.
  • In some cases, Fitbit users who have had a free trial of the Fitbit premium let the trial expire.
  • Post expiration of the Fitbit premium subscription services (trial Fitbit premium or full Fitbit premium), the user tries to re-activate the Fitbit premium services by making the subscription payment for a period of one year.

From the issue description and potential resolution, we have a couple of fixes that could help in restoring your Fitbit premium subscription services after you have completed the payment for the Fitbit premium.

Force Fitbit app to restore purchases

The first solution involves doing a refresh on the Fitbit app to try and let it pick the payment information from your profile. An attempt is made to restore purchases through the Fitbit profile on the Fitbit app.

To restore your Fitbit premium services, please follow the steps below:

  • In the Fitbit app, tap the Today tab     > your profile picture.
  • Scroll down and tap Restore Purchases > OK.

This should force the Fitbit app to pull the purchase information and update your subscription to the premium services on Fitbit.

In most cases, forcing the Fitbit app to pull the purchase information helps in resolving the issue with premium subscription not working after renewal. However, there may be some users who may still be unable to use the Fitbit premium inspite of having made the full payment of the services. For such users, manual intervention by the Fitbit support team will be required.


Get in touch with Fitbit support

If restoration of purchase history does not restore access to the Fitbit premium, contact the Fitbit support team. Explain the issue to them and let them know that you have already tried to restore the purchase of Fitbit premium through the Fitbit app.

The Fitbit support team may ask you for proof of purchase of the Fitbit premium subscription. Do share the proof of purchase of the Fitbit premium services with the support team, and allow them a day to two to update your Fitbit premium subscription account manually. This should help you get access to Fitbit premium once again.

What is Fitbit premium service?

Fitbit premium is a subscription service that costs $9.99 a month or $79.99, when paid annually. Some of the main features of the Fitbit premium subscription service are:

  • you get personalized health and fitness guidance.
  • stress management score.
  • health and fitness statistics in terms of activity tracking, sleep, weight and nutrition.
  • sleep score to identify quality of sleep. It helps you to find total time asleep, REM sleep and deep sleep states.
  • blood glucose trends over a period of 30 days
  • health profile for up to 90 days. Essentials of health monitoring data for a period of 90 days is shared with you. These essential metrics include – resting heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, heart rate variability, and oxygen saturation or SpO2 data.
  • insights based on health, nutrition, sleep, activity and weight.
  • daily readiness scores that tell you each morning if you are ready for the fitness activities.
  • monthly and annual reports of health and wellness. You can download the wellness report around your heart rate, sleep, activity, weight and even menstrual health.
  • skin temperature that is tracked while you are sleeping. Sleep skin temperature is trackable only on Fitbit Sense.
  • premium fitness workout regime comprising of over 200 video and audio workouts.
  • over 200 mindfulness sessions with guided audio tracks to help you in meditation and attaining mental peace.

For the committed users of Fitbit premium, the fitness workout sessions and daily readiness scores are some of the most useful features of the premium subscription services. These pay for the subscription charges many times over.


Fitbit premium is a subscription service. If you are unable to make use of it after paying for the subscription, help yourself in forcing the Fitbit app to restore your purchases. Alternatively, contact the customer support team of Fitbit to help resolve the issue.

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