Fitbit OS Update 4.2.2 for Versa, Versa Lite and Versa 2

Fitbit has released a new software update on 21st July, 2021 for the Versa smartwatch. The updates will cater to the Versa, Versa lite and Versa 2 smartwatches. It has been less than 2 weeks since the update was rolled out for the respective devices from Fitbit. However, there are a few issues that seem to be occurring with regular periodicity across Versa smart watches, post the OS update. Should you update your Versa 2 to the latest OS version from Fitbit? This is a tough one for us to answer. But, do spare some time to read through the issue list discussed below before deciding to update your Fitbit OS on the Versa 2.

The following are the latest versions of the Fitbit firmware for Versa smart watches:

  • Versa lite –
  • Versa –
  • Versa 2 –

The firmware update will also update the Fitbit OS to 4.2.2.

Heart rate monitoring – post update on the Fitbit Versa 2 smart watch, some users have complained of unreliable heart rate monitoring. The heart rate monitor seems to report higher or lower numbers than it used to before the update. The deviation could be as low as 10 percent up or down to something as high as double of the resting heart rate. Clearly, the heart rate monitor seems to be impacted for a few users of Fitbit Versa 2.

In some cases, the users have reported that the heart rate monitor stopped working altogether, post the OS update. This is unusual and seems like a bug on the new OS update on the Versa 2 smart watch.

Sleep data and recording – a few users have had issues with the loss of sleep data and their inability to record sleep data on the Versa 2. These issues arose after the OS updated on the Versa 2 smart watch. Sleep data is crucial for some users, as it allows them to create a macro view of the health parameters.

Activity data – some users have reported loss of activity data after the OS update on Fitbit Versa 2. The activity data would include active minutes coming off sporting activities like tennis or running and jogging activities. Loss of activity data puts your exercise regimen out of sync and causes a temporary loss of active minute tracking on the Versa 2 smart watch. So, the users lost active minutes, the resting heart rate data, the maximum heart rate data and the calorie burn data.

Clock faces – the Versa 2 smart watch allows you to use beautiful custom clock faces. This is one of the significant reasons that make Versa 2 a preferred choice of many youngsters when it comes to buying smart watches. The latest OS update on Versa 2 has broken the use of custom clock faces on the Versa 2 smart watch for some users. These users are allowed to use the default or Fitbit clock faces only. This is quite a setback in terms of using custom clock faces on the Fitbit Versa 2 smart watch.

Battery charge – some users have complained that their Versa 2 is unable to hold charge. This occurred after they updated the Versa 2 OS on the smart watch. The battery does not hold for a few hours. In normal times, the Versa 2 would give 3 days of battery life. The impact on battery charge has been reported by a few users on the Fitbit forums as well.

Losing time – not many users have reported the losing of time on the Fitbit Versa 2. But, there seem to be a few users whose Versa 2 smart watch is unable to keep time after the OS was updated.

While these are early days of the OS update on the Versa 2, the impact of this software update seems to have been unpredictable. The impact has been very localized in terms of losing specific feature or functionality. It is not that the Versa 2 has been rendered unusable for most users. Yes, there is a loss of a feature set that appears very random.

The software update will probably be succeeded by a future update or a bug-fix that should resolve these bugs on the Versa 2. At this point, the software update does seem to have been affected with bugs. Fitbit has not released a statement as of 5th August, 2021 to indicate any plans of releasing a bug fix or patch to fix these issues. But, we expect to hear something from Fitbit soon. Until that time, it would be prudent to hold off the software updates on your Versa, Versa lite or Versa 2.