Fitbit OS 5.1 update and Calls on Versa 3

The much-awaited update on Fitbit OS materialized with the availability of Fitbit OS 5.1. The OS update was launched on November 22, 2020. With this OS update, major issue resolution has materialized for the following longstanding problems:

  • inability to answer calls through Versa 3 Fitbit watch
  • random and questionable data recording by the built-in SpO2 levels
  • integration with the Google voice assistant.
  • two-way voice communication with Amazon Alexa

Let us shed more details about these issues and the achieved resolution in OS 5.1 update.

Answering calls through Versa 3

Versa 3 was the first series of Fitbit watches that came equipped with in-built speaker and microphone. This enabled an easy integration with Amazon’s voice assistant and Alexa through your phone or the Alexa device. However, the speaker on the device would not allow people to answer calls through the device. With the latest OS patch, Fitbit has sought to fix the issue and the recent claims by the company suggest that calls can be answered with a Versa 3 watch. This brings the ability to answer calls through the wrist-laden Fitbit watch to logical conclusion and bridges the gap between Fitbit and the Apple smartwatch.

SpO2 levels tracking

One of the critical complaints about Versa 3 was the random and questionable data recording of the oxygen saturation levels in the body. Versa 3 came with in-built SpO2 tracking. There were tight caveats about the effective and efficient Spo2 recording though. Users could track SpO2 only when they used a particular clock face. Even after using that clock face, the SpO2 recording was random at best. The oxygen saturation levels would not get tabulated or recorded many times. Other times, when you were lucky, you would find the numbers less trustworthy. All these problems have been reported by the Versa 3 smart watch users.

Seeking to address these gaps in measuring oxygen saturation and tracking SpO2 effectively, Fitbit has looked into closing these gaps in OS 5.1 update. Now, the users are allowed to track SpO2 levels overnight through any of the seven watch faces. There is no specific mandate to use a particular watch face for recording SpO2 levels.

Does Versa 3 support or work with Google Assistant

Integration with Google Assistant was in the works for Versa 3. Fitbit OS 5.1 update seeks to fix the integration of Versa 3 with Google Assistant. So, voice assistant functionality extends from Amazon to Google. All voice assistant functionality of Google voice assistant gets rolled in the Versa watch from here on.

Amazon Alexa and Versa 3

Amazon Alexa voice communication with Versa 3 had already been factored in with the previous version of Fitbit operation system i.e. Fitbit OS 5.0. However, you could issue commands to Alexa app through the Fitbit Versa 3. Replies to these commands came in the shape of Alexa’s text responses on your watch screen. To put it the other way, Alexa and Fitbit Versa integration was a one-way voice communication. Versa would not be able to make much of the voice responses of Alexa and would compile the responses as text messages.

OS 5.1 update has ensured that Alexa commands and responses would be voice. So, all responses from Alexa would be blurted out through the Versa 3 speaker. Your commands were already relayed from the Versa 3 microphone to Alexa flawlessly. A definite feature completion taking place to ensure that Versa 3 is good in terms of Amazon Alexa integration in complete two-way sense.

With this Fitbit OS 5.1 patch update, Versa 3 has sought to address missing links in performance of the smart watch. Much of what was claimed by Versa 3 at the time of launch has been achieved with this software update. If your Versa 3 is still running OS 5.0, it is time to push the update to OS 5.1 and make the most of a much improved performance and targeting of the smart watch.

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