Fenix 7 firmware version 7.35 – released March 10, 2022

Garmin released firmware 7.35 for Fenix 7 devices on March 10, 2022. The update is being rolled out to the eligible Fenix 7 devices in a phased manner. As of writing this on 5.5.22, the update has been rolled out to 50 percent of the eligible Fenix 7 devices. The pace of rollout is sluggish for now. However, we do suggest waiting for the update to hit your Fenix 7 device. If you are well versed with the firmware update process on Garmin devices, you can install the public beta release version 8.18 on your device. This would include firmware 7.35 files and all the subsequent changes that have been made as part of the beta firmware updates.

What is the latest firmware version for Fenix 7 smartwatch?

The latest firmware version of Garmin Fenix 7 is firmware version 9.33. It was released on 23rd August 2022 and replaced the previous firmware version 8.37 for Fenix 7. You can read more about the Fenix 7 firmware 9.33 on this page.

Salient points about Firmware 7.35 on Fenix 7:

  • Firmware 7.35 is a stable release version of Fenix 7.
  • It supersedes firmware 7.24 on Fenix 7.
  • As of now, 50 percent of eligible Fenix 7 devices have received 7.35 firmware automatically.
  • Garmin Express should be the preferred program to update firmware on Fenix 7 to firmware version 7.35.
  • You can also update the firmware manually as per the process given below.

Over here, we will look at the Fenix 7 stable release firmware version 7.35.

How do I update firmware on Fenix 7 to version 7.35?

The preferred approach to updating firmware on Fenix 7 to firmware version 7.35 is through the Garmin Express program on your computer. The other preferred method is for the firmware to be updated through the Garmin Connect app on the paired smartphone. We will discuss both firmware update methods below.

Fenix 7 firmware update to 7.35 using Garmin Express

The firmware on Fenix 7 can be updated to version 7.35 using the Garmin express program on your computer. Garmin Express will pick up the firmware files through the Garmin servers.

  1. Connect your Fenix 7 to the computer which hosts the Garmin Express program.
  2. Let Garmin Express identify your Fenix 7 device.
  3. Allow some time for Garmin Express to sense and retrieve the firmware file from Garmin servers. (you need to be patient in allowing Garmin Express to pick the firmware files. This may take a couple of hours as well)
  4. Once Garmin Express updates the files locally, the update gets pushed out to the Fenix 7 device through the computer.

Good internet connectivity between your computer and Garmin servers is required. And, Fenix 7 ought to be connected to the computer for the update to be pushed out to the Fenix 7 device.

Fenix 7 firmware 7.35 update through Garmin Connect app

One of the safer ways to update firmware on Fenix 7 is through the Garmin Connect app. Garmin Express is equally safer. Garmin Connect app is available for Android phones and iOS devices. It integrates well with Android and Apple phones.

  1. Open the Garmin Connect app.
  2. Garmin Connect app will pull the firmware update files from Garmin servers. However, for this step to be successful, the firmware files must have been made available by Garmin to your eligible device. Since Garmin rolls out the firmware in a phased manner, there is a chance that the Garmin Connect app may not be able to pull the firmware 7.35 files. Inside 2 months of the firmware update being released, only 50 percent of eligible devices have received the firmware update files. If this is the case, feel free to use Garmin Express to update the firmware files on Fenix 7.
  3. If Garmin Connect app is able to pull the firmware update files, the app will push the update to the paired Fenix 7 device automatically. No further action is needed.

We strongly suggest using Garmin Express or Garmin Connect for updating firmware on Fenix 7 devices. You will not need to download any files manually for a manual update

Manual Firmware Update to 7.35 on Fenix 7

You may choose to update firmware on Fenix 7 manually. We, basically, make use of the files that were published as part of the Fenix 7 public release software candidate for version 7.35. So, assuming, you have been unable to automatically update the firmware on Fenix 7, you may complete the update manually.

Please do note that this process may be followed by people who are technically well versed and have had a good experience with Garmin devices. If you have concerns with the process, please do wait for Garmin Express or Garmin Connect to get the firmware update files for you.

You can update firmware on Fenix 7 manually by downloading the zip files that correspond to the correct Fenix 7 device.

Download the ZIP files that contain the firmware for Fenix 7.35.

(please ensure that the firmware file version shows Fenix7_735.zip for Fenix 7, Fenix7X_735.zip and Fenix 7S_735.zip for Fenix 7S).

2. Connect your Fenix 7 device to the computer on which the manual update process will need to be complete.

3. Once the firmware files have been downloaded, extract the ZIP file. (the extracted folders will look like Fenix7_735, Fenix7X_735 or Fenix7S_735 for the corresponding version of your Fenix 7 device)

4. In the folder corresponding to the firmware files for Fenix 7 device, there will be a file – gupdate.gsp. This file needs to be dropped into the Primary\Garmin folder. Once the file has been added to the Garmin folder, the firmware will update on the computer.

5. After the firmware update has been completed on the computer, remove the Fenix 7 device from your computer. Allow Garmin Express to push the firmware update to your Fenix 7 device.

The manual update process remains the same for Fenix 7, Fenix 7X, and Fenix 7S devices. Also, the Fenix 7 update process has vastly improved from the firmware update process for Fenix 6. Rather than updating multiple files in Fenix 6, for the Fenix 7 a single gupdate.gsp file will update the firmware upgrade.

Can I roll back from firmware 7.35 to 7.24 on Fenix 7 devices?

Yes, you can roll back from firmware version 7.35 to firmware version 7.24 on Fenix 7 devices. To do so, you will need to copy two files to the Primary\Garmin folder. Do remember, that the rollback will take you back to firmware version 7.24 and factory reset your device.

To rollback firmware from version 7.35 to 7.24, please follow the instructions below:

  1. From the extracted firmware folder (like Fenix7_735), look for a folder with the folder name SystemBackDate_724.
  2. Connect your Fenix 7 to the computer.
  3. From this folder, copy the files force.tmp and gupdate.gsp. Gupdate.gsp file is the firmware version 7.24.
  4. Put both these files on the Primary\Garmin folder on your computer.
  5. Allow the firmware to degrade from 7.35 to 7.24.
  6. Disconnect your Fenix 7 from the computer.
  7. Allow the computer to roll back the update from 7.35 to 7.24.

Fenix 7 – Firmware 7.35 bug fixes and improvements

The following bug fixes and improvements have been reported by Garmin as part of the firmware update to version 7.35:

  • Improved audio quality.
  • Fixed issue where some smart notifications would still alert, even though the setting was disabled.
  • Fixed issue which could cause the wrist heart rate lights to stay on while the watch was off-wrist.
  • Fixed an issue that could show incorrect Sunrise/Sunset times on the watch face.
  • Fixed an issue where VO2 Max/Training Status data did not follow the specified Data Color setting.
  • Fixed Issue where Sunrise/Sunset Times Could Overlap.


Garmin Fenix 7 firmware update from version 7.24 to 7.35 has been released in March 2022. We strongly suggest making use of Garmin Express or Garmin Connect to update the firmware on Fenix 7 device. Garmin has allowed the manual process to roll back from firmware version 7.35 to firmware version 7.24 as well.

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