Fenix 6 HRV update on Wi-Fi issues after firmware update

Fenix 6 firmware 23.10 was released in September. It seems to have caused issues with Wi-Fi for a few users. If you are experiencing issues in Wi-Fi sync on your Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatch after upgrading to firmware 23.10, please follow along the steps below.

Wi-Fi Sync Fenix 6 Issue Description

Recent firmware updates on Fenix 6 may have resulted in a HRV status update issue on the Garmin Connect Mobile. The Garmin Connect app fails to pull in HRV status over a Wi-Fi connection. The issue is of an intermittent nature.

There have been reports of Fenix 6 device owners experiencing this issue since firmware version 22. We are unable to, independently, validate the exact firmware version that may have triggered this issue.

Garmin, supposedly, fixed the issue in firmware release 23 that was released in August 2022. However, it turns out that as the issue remains unresolved as of firmware version 23.10.

People experience that the data sync (HRV status) from the Garmin Fenix watch is not happening over the Wi-Fi. In other words, the Wi-Fi sync is incomplete. The data may still sync over Bluetooth.

So, one way to test this issue is to disable Bluetooth connectivity through the Fenix watch. Instead, let the Wi-Fi be the only active wireless connectivity.

As of writing this, the Wi-Fi sync issues seems to have been caused due to the newly released HRV status or the ‘Heart Rate Variability’ data sync. All other data from the watch syncs normally. The HRV data fails to sync over Wi-Fi.

At best, the issue seems to be of an intermittent type. Not all Fenix 6 device owners will experience it. Some people may experience in at specific hours of the day. All this indicates that the Wi-Fi sync fails on account of some data overload or buffer overrun issue.

You can verify the issue by following the process below:

  • Disable Bluetooth sync
  • Allow Wi-Fi connection to sync data from the watch to Garmin Connect
  • Open the web version of Garmin Connect.
  • Validate if all the data collected by the Fenix 6 watch is on the Garmin Connect.
  • If the data is available on Garmin Connect, no further action needs to be taken. And, your watch is able to sync the HRV data over Wi-Fi as it should.
  • If you do see the HRV data missing on the Garmin Connect, the sync has failed over Wi-Fi.
  • Enable the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Allow HRV data to sync over Bluetooth.
  • Validate on the web version of Garmin Connect. If you see the latest HRV data on Garmin Connect, the issue with Wi-Fi sync is confirmed.

Error messages upon failed Wi-Fi sync

For this particular issue, you may experience one or all of the following error messages at different time intervals:

  • When you attempt a Wi-Fi sync you may experience a message that states – ‘this is taking a long time’.
  • Or, you could get a message that says – ‘processing delayed, check back later’.
  • You may get a message that simply says that the ‘sync failed’.

Solution for HRV status over Wi-Fi sync

The HRV sync issue on the Wi-Fi connection is a bug. Garmin engineering team is aware of the issue. As of writing this in October 2022, there has been no available solution for the bug.

No further action is needed on your side. Any sort of troubleshooting attempts may not bring any solution.

The following actions will not bring any solution for the HRV status sync over Wi-Fi:

  • Resetting the Wi-Fi connection
  • Deleting and re-creating the Wi-Fi connection
  • Re-installing the Garmin Connect app

Should you still desire, you may contact Garmin support team and open a support or bug request to be intimated of a solution, whenever one becomes available.

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