Edge gains market share in the browser market

Chrome’s market share of the browser market took a dip by over 1 percent as Microsoft’s Edge browser gained over 4 percent market share in the month ending November, 2021. A part of the gain could be attributed to Microsoft’s earnest and active efforts to boost the adoption of Edge in the newest operating system – Windows 11. Windows 11 uses Edge as the default browser. And, Microsoft did not really give straight options to set an alternate default browser on Windows 11 until late last week.

The graph below has been pulled over from the Statcounter website. It shows that Microsoft’s Edge took 4.19% market share of the browser market. This makes it the third most used browser in the world. Chrome continues to rule by a decent margin. It’s market share, during November 2021, fell to 64.06% from 65.19%. The browser market continues to be dominated by Chrome (a little over 64 percent) and Apple’s Safari with a market share of a little over 19% at the end of November 2021.

Edge is based on the Chromium project. Latest user experience reports put it as a lighter and faster browser. There has never been a better time for Edge to get users to convert out of Chrome, as it affords a browser with much better privacy controls. Both browsers, Edge and Chrome, are based on the Chromium project, and hence afford a synergy of the core browser engine.

Edge is also geared up for better integration with Microsoft 365’s offerings. In Windows 11, Microsoft had made it difficult to change the default browser from Edge to any other browser. After continuous pressure of customers, the company introduced an ability to change the default browser in the latest build of Windows 11.

It is still, however, early days to write much about the browser wars. Things change pretty fast, and Microsoft Edge’s burgeoning market share in the browser space would need to be validated against a longer period of time. For now, Chrome looks like the KING of the browser market. But, there are things that Chrome could do well in terms of improving and achieving better thread allocation and better utilization of the memory on the system.