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Powershell 7.3 was released by Microsoft on 8th November 2022. It follows up with the previous stable release version 7.2.7 which was released in October 2022. We look at the installation of Powershell 7.3 to upgrade from Powershell 7.2.7 below.

If you wish to skip the manual upgrade of Powershell from 7.2.7 to version 7.3, you can wait for the Powershell update to present as part of the Windows Update process. However, since we make use of Powershell extensively, we prefer to keep it updated to the latest version at all times.

In this document, we will discuss the following approach to upgrading Powershell from 7.2.7 to Powershell 7.3:

  • Validate the current version of Powershell
  • Download Powershell using the winget command in Powershell
  • Validate the successful installation of Powershell 7.3 on the computer.

Validate the current Powershell version on the computer

To validate the current Powershell version on your computer, we will use the $PSVersionTable command on the Powershell window.

Open the Powershell command dialog. You can do so by typing ‘pwsh’ on the search dialog box in Windows 11 as displayed below.

pwsh command

Once you type in the ‘pwsh’ command in the search box, the Powershell dialog box will open as displayed hereunder. You can also notice that there is an update notification available within the Powershell dialog box about the new stable release version 7.3.0 for Powershell.

powershell dialog box

Download Powershell using winget

The next step is to download Powershell using the Powershell dialog box and winget command.

We will use the following commands to validate Powershell version availability and subsequent download on the computer.

  • winget search Microsoft.PowerShell
  • winget install –id Microsoft.Powershell –source winget

Command to check the latest Powershell version on Microsoft store:

winget search Microsoft.Powershell

Upon typing the command in Powershell window, you will get a prompt to agree to Microsoft’s terms and conditions by typing Y for Yes or N for No. The command output below is the exact screen that you will get.

The command output will display the versions of Powershell that are available for your computer, as displayed hereunder.

Powershell 7.3.0

We are interested in installing Microsoft.Powershell using winget. We provide the command below to upgrade from Powershell 7.2.7 to Powershell 7.3.0.

To install Powershell 7.3.0 version, we will type the following command in the Powershell dialog box:

winget install –id Microsoft.Powershell –source winget

The subsequent action after typing the command is illustrated in the screen capture below:

powershell 7.3.0 using winget

You may have to allow Microsoft to make changes to the computer before the installation of Powershell 7.3.0 can be finalized on the computer.

The screen grab below shows a Windows dialog box that runs in parallel to the installation of Powershell 7.3.0

Validate the successful upgrade to Powershell 7.3.0

You can validate the installation or upgrade to Powershell version 7.3.0 through the $PSVersionTable command.

  • Close existing Powershell application windows
  • Open Powershell using pwsh on the search box of computer
  • Type-in the command $PSVersionTable on the Powershell command prompt
  • Validate the version of Powershell. If the upgrade was successful using winget, you should see Powershell version 7.3.0 on the computer.

The image below captures the output on a computer that was upgraded from Powershell 7.2.7 to Powershell 7.3.0 stable release version.

powershell upgrade to version 7.3.0 using winget

This completes the process of upgrading Powershell from version 7.2.7 to version 7.3.0

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