Does Windows 11 have dark mode?

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Yes, Windows 11 comes with a dark mode. Windows 11, actually, has 3 in-built modes for your computer’s appearance and colors. You get an option to play around with Light mode, Dark mode or custom mode. The default mode is the light mode.

How can I enable the dark mode on Windows 11?

Dark mode can be enabled on Windows 11 through the use of Settings –> Personalization options on the Windows 11 control panel. It is a straight forward case of toggle on-off for the mode you wish to make use of.

To enable dark mode on Windows 11, you need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the Start of Windows 11 tile on the taskbar menu. The image below shows the exact step of clicking the Start menu on a Windows 11 desktop.
Windows 11 Start Menu

2. Once you click on the Start menu, you will see a context menu pop out on the screen. The image below shows the context menu of Windows 11, when you click on the Start menu. Among the various available options, you will notice an option of ‘Settings’. It has been marked in a red square box for your ready reference on the image below. Click on ‘Settings’ to bring up the Windows 11 configuration settings.

3. When you click on Settings, the ‘Settings’ menu options will present on the screen. In the left column, look for the menu option of ‘Personalization’ Click on personalization to bring up the context menu for the personalization settings. The image below represents the context menu options for the ‘Personalization’ menu option.

4. From the personalization menu, choose the second option of ‘Colors’. The image below represents the ‘Colors’ menu once you click on ‘Colors’.

5. In the ‘Colors’ option, choose the first option that would state ‘Choose your mode’. Once you click on ‘Choose your mode’ on a Windows 11 desktop, you will notice three different options that could set the mode on a Windows 11 computer. These three options are:

  • Dark Mode
  • Light Mode
  • Custom Mode

Choose the ‘Dark Mode’ to enable the dark mode on your Windows 11 computer system. If you prefer the ‘Light Mode’, you can choose the ‘Light Mode’ option for the Windows 11 computer. The image below represents the three options that you get upon clicking the ‘Colors’ menu on the Personalization menu settings of a Windows 11 computer system. These 3 options have been marked for your ready reference in a red box.

Windows 11 dark mode


Setting up the dark mode or light mode on Windows 11 is possible. To do so, you can use the Windows 11 —-> Settings —–> Personalization ——> Colors options to bring up the three options available on a Windows 11 desktop computer. In other words, personalization of the ‘Colors’ would allow you to shuffle between Dark, Light or Custom modes on the Windows 11 computer.

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