Does Windows 11 have Cortana?

This content has been archived. But, the content is true and relevant to the underlying technology products or infrastructure services.

Yes, most definitely. Windows 11 does have Cortana. The approach towards accessing it and using it has changed. The functionality remains the same, as in Windows 10. The thing that has changed from Windows 10 for Cortana is that it is no longer a part of the system boot up sequence. Also, it is not pinned to the taskbar as it used to be on the Windows 10.

How do I access Cortana on Windows 11?

Cortana is available on Windows 11 as an app. So, it can be accessed from Windows 11 personal computer like any other app. To access or open Cortana, click on the Start button to bring up the search box. In the search box, type in ‘Cortana’. This should bring up the Cortana app screen.

The Cortana app will bring up the Cortana login screen. Once you are logged in using the Microsoft account, you would be able to access the Cortana app as you would have done in the past on a Windows 10 system.

Load Cortana from ‘All apps’

An alternate approach towards opening Cortana is through the apps screen. Apps are offered as a bundle on Windows 11. We can load a list of all the apps in an orderly manner using the apps bundle.

To bring up the apps bundle, click on the Start menu. Look for the apps button on the Windows 11 dialog box. There is an option to click on ‘All apps’ as showed in the screen capture below.

Once you click on ‘All apps’, a new screen with a list of all the available apps on the computer system will show up on the screen. From the available list, choose ‘Cortana’. This will load the Cortana app on your Windows 11 system.


You would have noticed that Cortana remains a part of Windows 11. It has been relegated from the front screen task bar menu or the boot up sequence to its new found place in the apps bouquet. We have seen a couple of alternate ways on how we could access Cortana from the Windows 11 computer system. This should allow you to make use of Cortana as you would have done in the past on a Windows 10 based computer system.

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