Does Siteground have Cpanel

Siteground is a Sofia based web host that has been around since 2013. Now, in almost the tenth year of operations, Siteground continues to offer shared and managed WordPress hosting to customers from all over the world. As of writing this, Siteground hosts over 2 million websites. We look at some key features of Siteground hosting below.

Does Siteground offer Cpanel?

Siteground offers its own custom control panel. Siteground does not offer Cpanel, Plesk or Direct Admin. Cpanel, specifically, has typically higher processing and memory utilization. You will also need to keep Cpanel updated at all times to preempt any threats as part of the ‘Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation’ process. Plus, Cpanel has its own overhead in terms of server resources and server hardening.

Most managed WordPress hosts avoid using Cpanel or Plesk on the servers. Cpanel has its own processor and memory requirements. It needs to be proactively managed from the perspective of server security. Due to performance reasons, Siteground uses its own customized control panel. The custom control panel offers all the functionality needed to manage the WordPress installation, configuration and management.

Understandably, we have been accustomed to using Cpanel over the past so many years. But, making a switch is useful as it can add to the server performance and improve your site’s metrics for the page speed scores. Should you still want Cpanel hosting, you may want to take a look at some host other than Siteground.

Does Siteground offer WHM?

WHM or Web Host Manager is a control panel that is intended for resellers. Most resellers are happy to use WHM to manage aspects of reseller hosting. While the CPanel works well for the endusers, WHM is the preferred control panel for resellers. Resellers buy disk and bandwidth allocations in bulk from the server providers. They sell the bulk space in smaller chunks of hosting space for actual webmasters and website designers.

Siteground does not offer WHM control panel as part of its shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting plans. It offers its own custom hosting dashboard or custom control panel for managing features of web hosting. You can manage all aspects of web hosting through the custom Dashboard of Siteground.

The shared hosting plans and WordPress hosting plans of Siteground are intended for actual site owners. Or, these would be very handy for people own more than one website or domain. Siteground’s offering is not suitable for reselling because:

  • Siteground lacks a reseller control panel that is anonymous.
  • For reseller hosting, you need to provision servers that are more powerful to allow for massive disk and bandwidth overselling resorted to by the resellers.

Essentially, reselling web hosting is a different market altogether. Siteground does not fit in into the reseller market space for web or WordPress hosting.

If you intend to resell hosting, you need to look beyond Siteground and find a host that offers WHM or Direct Admin control panels.

Does Siteground have a registered company in United Kingdom?

Siteground is now a holding company that comprises of multiple registered companies across different countries. It is a genuine business organization with a registered company in the United Kingdom also.

Siteground was established in the year 2013 in Bulgaria. As of writing this, Siteground has expanded its office locations from Bulgaria to United States, UK, Spain, and Cyprus. In United Kingdom,  as per the Government data made available by the ‘Companies House’ website, Siteground is a registered UK company that is based out of its registered office in London.

For your benefit, the registered company details of Siteground in the United Kingdom are given as under:

  • Company number 09348602
  • Registered office address: 3rd Floor 11-12 St. James’s Square, London, United Kingdom, SW1Y 4LB.

Does Siteground have phone support?

Siteground offers support through phone, email and ticket based support system. The phone support number of Siteground is not published publicly. Should you want to contact support, you will need to login to the control panel offered by Siteground. Upon login, you can request to speak to someone. You are given the phone number to call with an 8 digit access code. The access code is offered to ensure that the phone support number is not abused by scammers.

Therefore, phone support on Siteground happens through the custom dashboard. And, you do need an access code to validate your customer relationship with Siteground before speaking to the technical support team. 

We believe, however, that the ticket based support is very good as it helps in putting the issue and its resolution in a well documented ticket system. However, phone support comes in handy in extreme situations when there has been an extended downtime for the website. In such extreme situations, it makes all the more sense to speak to someone over a phone.

Alternatively, chat support can also help during extreme situations of extended downtime.

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