Does Samsung watch 4 work with iPhone?

Samsung Watch 4 and the Samsung Watch 4 Classic edition are based on the Wear OS. Wear OS is not compatible with iOS. So, a Samsung watch 4 will not work with iPhone. If you have an iPhone, you will not be able to activate the Samsung watch 4 or the Samsung watch 4 classic edition. As per the detailed technical specifications, Samsung watch 4 will work with devices that support GMS (Google Mobile Services), and for versions later than Android 6. So, effectively, this rules out compatibility with the iOS based mobile devices.

Another caveat before you can activate the Samsung watch 4 or the classic edition watch is that the Android phone must have at least 1.5 GB RAM. So, we need an Android phone with Android OS later than 6.0 and RAM of 1.5 GB. Besides this, not all the GMS features will be available on the Samsung watch 4 inspite of availability of newer than Android 6.0 version and RAM over 1.5 GB. There are certain GMS features that are only available in limited countries. As of August 2021, the Google Pay feature is enabled on the Google Mobile Services. However, Google Pay is available only in 27 countries. This has to be more due to regional limitation and Governance issues arising out of statutory compliance issues in different countries.

If you want to be sure, you can check if your Android device’s manufacturer is listed by Google as an accredited partner to offer Google Mobile Services. Another safe way to check that is by checking your phone’s compatibility with the Google Play Store. Phones coming in from reputed manufacturers on the Android operating system are, generally, on the list of manufacturers permitted to use the GMS. One notable exception is Huawei. If you have a Huawei phone, you will not be able to activate the Samsung watch 4 or the Samsung watch 4 Classic edition.

Reputed mobile manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus, RealMe, Motorola and Samsung are accredited partners of Google. They are able to deploy Google apps such as GMail, Google Pay and Google Maps as part of the pre-loaded software on the mobile operating systems.

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