Does Samsung Watch 4 have GPS

Yes, Samsung Watch 4 and the Samsung Watch 4 Classic edition have support for GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo satellite systems. In normal situations, you may be better off with GPS satellite systems. The GPS satellite system is more than enough for location tracking. For dense cities or forested areas that may have a feeble or unreliable GPS signal, it is advised that one may use an additional satellite system to improve GPS connectivity and signals. In such cases, GPS + GLONASS should be more than sufficient to provide an accurate GPS signal and tracking.

GPS satellite system is the preferred GPS setting for a Samsung Watch 4. GPS satellite system is owned by the US Government and at any given point of time, 24 satellites are available for GPS connectivity with at least 95% availability. The GPS satellites encircle earth twice a day and are positioned in the middle-earth orbit (MEO) at an altitude of 20,200 Km above earth. For most use cases, GPS satellite system is more than sufficient for accurate GPS tracking.

Galaxy watch 4 from Samsung

GLONASS is the Russian satellite system. Together with the US satellite system, GLONASS can help in improving GPS connectivity in densely populated, densely walled and densely forested areas in a town, city or State. GLONASS satellite system has 24 satellites that encircle earth at an altitude of 19,100 Kms. Each satellite completes an orbit in less than 12 hours. In a day, a GLONASS satellite will encircle earth twice a day.

GALILEO satellite system is a relatively new satellite system, that is owned and managed by the European Space Agency. At this point, Galileo has 26 middle-earth orbit satellites that are orbiting earth at an altitude of 23,222 Kms. You could choose GALILEO to supplement GPS satellite systems on your Samsung Watch 4.

The BeiDou satellite system is owned by China. It has 35 satellites in earth’s orbit. BeiDou signals may be most appropriate for the Chinese mainland.

GPS signals for the Samsung Watch 4 will be taken through the paired mobile phone. There is no on-device chipset on the Samsung Watch 4 that has in-built GPS capabilities. You will need to activate the Samsung Watch 4 using a Google Mobile Services’ compatible mobile phone. Once the Watch 4 has been activated, GPS can be enabled on it through the settings on the Watch 4. The actual GPS communication takes place between the paired phone and the GPS signal provider. So, do make sure that your mobile phone is compatible with the Samsung Watch 4, or else you may not be able to activate it.

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