Does Namecheap offer Cpanel for hosting?

Namecheap is one of the biggest domain registrars in the world. It also offers web hosting. As of now, Namecheap offers shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers. We look at some key aspects of web hosting and managed WordPress hosting at Namecheap. We seek to resolve fundamental user queries about hosting at Namecheap.

Does Namecheap offer Cpanel for hosting?

Namecheap offers Cpanel for shared hosting plans. If you choose to get a shared web hosting plan at Namecheap, you will get access to Cpanel to manage all aspects of web hosting. A large number of people are very comfortable in using Cpanel to manage features of the web hosting plan. Therefore, Namecheap’s shared hosting plans are ideal for such users. Namecheap includes Softaculous for one-click installation of apps like WordPress.

If you are keen on using Cpanel, you can also use Cpanel on Namecheap VPS and Namecheap Dedicated servers. Reseller hosting through Namecheap also enables Cpanel access for the resellers. Thus, Cpanel users can make use of Cpanel on Namecheap shared hosting, Namecheap Reseller hosting, Namecheap VPS hosting and Namecheap dedicated server hosting.

When it comes to Namecheap managed WordPress hosting, Namecheap does not offer Cpanel control panel. The managed WordPress hosting plans from Namecheap are marketed as ‘Easy WP’ plans. All the ‘Easy WP’ hosting plans do not support Cpanel.

Easy WP on Namecheap or managed WordPress hosting on Namecheap use a custom user dashboard panel or custom control panel to manage all aspects of your managed WordPress web hosting. Most managed WordPress hosts do not offer Cpanel for managing the WordPress site hosting. Generally, the managed WordPress hosts have a higher level of performance delivery. Also, there are higher speed requirements for managed WordPress web hosts.

Cpanel requires additional processing and memory resources. Plus, you need to harden Cpanel for security issues on an ongoing basis. Due to additional management involved on the Cpanel servers, managed WordPress web hosts tend to focus on custom dashboards for managing the WordPress hosting. It helps them in keeping the servers faster and leaner than the Cpanel servers.

Where are Namecheap servers located?

Namecheap operates servers from 3 geographical locations. It has servers in the United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands. We look at how Namecheap offers multiple country locations for hosting different plans:

  • Shared hosting plans and Reseller hosting plans are available at the Phoenix NAP datacenter in Arizona, United States. All shared hosting plans are also offered through the London and Amsterdam datacenters.
  • Easy WP or managed WordPress hosting plans are available through a cloud based offering. For managed WordPress hosting, Namecheap offers a managed containerized model based on Docker. The Docker containers are containerized through Kubernetes pods.
  • VPS and Dedicated servers on Namecheap are only offered through the Phoenix NAP datacenter of Namecheap. As of now, VPS and dedicated servers are not available through London or Amsterdam datacenters.

Shared hosting or reseller hosting customers can choose to host in the United States, UK or Netherlands. You can request a server move by opening a support ticket with Namecheap support staff at any point of time.

Does Namecheap have CDN?

Namecheap offers its own CDN or content delivery network. It is called the Supersonic CDN. The Supersonic CDN offering is available only for the Easy WP customers or managed WordPress customers. Supersonic CDN is also available for shared hosting customers of Namecheap.

Content Delivery Networks comprise of multiple datacenters. These datacenters are geographically spread out across the globe. We call these datacenter locations as edge locations. Depending on the location of your website visitor, a copy of your website’s static content is displayed from the edge location that is closest to the user. In doing such a localized delivery of static content, we achieve the following benefits:

  • CDN helps in improving speed of your website.
  • CDN cuts down latency of the content being served.
  • CDN reduces load on the origin server.
  • CDN also reduces your origin server’s bandwidth consumption.

The main points about the Supersonic CDN services of Namecheap’s proprietary Content Delivery Network are mentioned below:

  • Supersonic CDN is only available for Easy WP customers and shared hosting customers.
  • You need to make use of Namecheap’s DNS for hosting your domain to use Supersonic CDN.
  • Supersonic CDN is available for free, with a monthly bandwidth limit of 50 GB. This can be used for small sites or trial reasons.
  • Supersonic CDN (paid plans) come with bandwidth caps of 250 GB a month, 500 GB a month, and 1000 GB a month. Each plan has a different price level.
  • You can integrate Supersonic CDN of Namecheap through the Namecheap dashboard.
  • There are 45 edge locations in the Namecheap global CDN network. These edge locations are also called as Namecheap CDN PoP or points of presence on the global CDN network.

In our experience, CDN can reduce latency and improve performance score of your website drastically. Therefore, we do suggest using a global CDN network to improve performance of your website. However, we believe that Cloudflare is the world’s most extensive and diverse CDN. Therefore, do consider Cloudflare for making use of its diverse network that has 275 edge locations throughout the world.


In this post, we have learnt that:

  • Namecheap does offer web hosting.
  • Namecheap offers Cpanel for shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.
  • Namecheap does not offer Cpanel for managed WordPress hosting.
  • Namecheap has its own CDN or Content Delivery Network that spans 45 edge locations throughout the world.
  • Namecheap hosts all plans at the Phoenix NAP datacenter in US. Shared hosting customers can, additionally, host in London or Amsterdam.

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