Does Google Pixel Watch work with Samsung phones?

Google Pixel watch is compatible with the Android mobile operating system version 8 or higher. Any Android smartphone running Android version 8 or higher can pair and work with the Google Pixel watch. This includes Samsung mobile phones as well.

It may be pertinent to mention that Google Pixel Watch is based on the wear OS version 3.5. Wear OS is compatible with Android devices. Therefore, we perceive no challenges in getting a Samsung mobile phone to pair with a Google Pixel Watch.

We need to make sure we are running Android 8 or higher. The current Android version is version 13, released on 13th August 2022.

The easiest way by which you can pair the Pixel watch with a Samsung phone is to bring the watch near the Samsung phone. This should allow the watch to be picked up automatically by the phone for eventual pairing between the watch and the mobile phone.

Pixel watch and Samsung phone

If the phone can pick the watch automatically, it will proceed with the pairing between the Pixel watch and the Samsung phone. The image below represents a direct pairing between the Samsung phone and the Google Pixel watch.

Pairing between Samsung phone and Google Pixel watch

An alternate approach to pairing the Google Pixel watch with a Samsung phone would involve installing the Pixel watch app on the Samsung phone. Once the Pixel watch app is installed you can proceed with the pairing between the phone and the watch.

To pair the first-generation Google Pixel watch with a compatible Samsung phone, you will need to undertake the following steps:

  • Turn on the Google Pixel Watch. You can do so by pressing the button on the right side of the Google Pixel Watch.
  • Once downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.
  • Accept the ‘Terms of service’ from the next screen on your phone. The screen has two options that can be checked or unchecked. These two options include sharing ‘Usage and diagnostic reports’ and ‘Location’ sharing. You could check or uncheck any of these two options.
  • Automatic updates are enabled by default.
  • Agree to the ‘Terms of service’ by pressing on ‘Accept’.
  • On the next screen, you will get an option to allow ‘Nearby devices permission’. These permissions need to be allowed so that you can pair the Samsung phone with the Google Pixel Watch.
  • At this point, the Samsung phone and Google Pixel watch should start pairing. You would get a ‘Bluetooth’ code on the phone to accept the pairing request between the Google Pixel Watch and the Samsung phone. The image below represents the pairing process in progress.
Google Pixel watch pairing in progress
  • Allow the ‘Google Pixel Watch’ app on the phone to manage the actual Google Pixel Watch device.
  • Now, the Samsung phone’s Google Pixel Watch app will connect to the Google Pixel Watch. For the connection to go through, you will need to choose the Google account that will be used to connect and manage the Google Pixel Watch.
  • You will be asked to ‘Accept legal terms’ on the phone. Please do so to complete the pairing between the Google Pixel Watch and the Samsung phone.
Pixel watch pairing with phone
  • The next step is to wear the Google Pixel watch on your right or left wrist.
  • Once you have tightly tied the Google Pixel watch band on your wrist, you must ‘Set watch orientation’. This would include which wrist is the watch on, left or right? And, also which side is the watch crown on?
Set watch orientation on Pixel watch
  • Google Pixel watch app will show you options for adding or replacing the watch band. You can skip this step for now.
  • On the next screen, you get an option to install the ‘Fitbit’ app on the phone. Fitbit is a Google company.
  • After installing the Fitbit app, you will get a further list of apps you could install on the watch. Once you have checked the apps that need to be installed, you will get to the next screen.
  • On this screen, you will get an option to go through a tour of the top features of the Google Pixel Watch.
  • The walkthrough will guide you about the crown button and the side buttons. It would also include basic button guidance about making or taking calls through the Google Pixel Watch.
  • As part of the Google Pixel watch walkthrough, you will also get to the screen ‘Alert emergency services’. Pressing the crown of the Google Pixel Watch 5 times will set your watch in emergency mode. You could contact emergency service providers or one of the emergency designated contacts.
Alert emergency services on Google Pixel Watch and Samsung phone
  • Once the product walk-through is complete, your Samsung phone is set up to manage the Google Pixel Watch through the Google Pixel watch app.

If the steps above have overwhelmed you, please spend a couple of minutes setting up the Google Pixel Watch on a Samsung mobile phone using the instructions in this neat video below.

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