Does Google Pixel Watch come with a charger?

Yes, the Google Pixel watch does come with a magnetic charger. You can use this magnetic charger to charge your Google Pixel Watch.

Here are some important points about using the magnetic charger on a Google Pixel Watch:

  • Google Pixel Watch ships with a magnetic charger in the box.
  • The charger has a wire length of 1 meter.
  • The diameter of the magnetic charger is 33 mm.
  • The magnetic charger comes with a USB C-type cable. However, you will need to buy the USB adapter separately.
  • The charger comes with a 5 Watt rated power capacity.
  • At this point, the magnetic charger comes in a single color option. You will get a snow color magnetic charger, irrespective of the Pixel watch color taken by you.
  • The magnetic charger is made with 50 percent recycled plastic.
  • Pixel watch’s magnetic charger weighs 28 grams only.

The image below shows the magnetic charger shipped with the Google Pixel Watch. It gets shipped in the box. You can buy the magnetic charger on a separate basis as well. As of writing this, magnetic charger for Google Pixel Watch can be bought from the Fitbit website.

Magnetic charger for Google Pixel Watch

If this is the first time you are using a magnetic charger, you may well want to see how the Pixel watch can be charged using a magnetic charger.

This short video shows how you could place your Pixel Watch on top of the magnetic charger. The magnet in the charger will pull the Pixel Watch due to the opposite polarity. Once the watch sticks to the magnet on the charger, your Pixel watch’s battery will start getting charged.

There has been some talk about using the Pixel Watch’s magnetic charger for other watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, and even the Apple Watch.

We would like to confirm that the Pixel watch’s charger can be used to charge the Pixel watch only. There is no possibility of the Pixel watch’s magnetic charger being used to charge other watches.

In other words, Pixel Watch’s magnetic charger is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy series smartwatches.

However, you would still want to get a USB adapter to help build the charge on the magnetic charger. These adapters are available in most stores or could be bought online as well. You need to remember that the rated power capacity of the magnetic charger for the Google Pixel Watch is 5 Watts only.

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