Does Google One work in China?

Google One services are limited to certain countries. Unfortunately, Google One does not work in China. As of August 2021, Google One services are available in the list on this page. You will notice that it does not list China.

Google One is a popular product offering from Google. It allows expanded cloud storage for backing up your data from Google drive, Google photos and GMail. Free tier storage through Google drive comprises of 15 GB space. With Google One you can expand cloud storage up to 2 TB. It is especially useful for catering to protecting data that is critical for you. Ransomware threats make it absolutely mandatory to backup data on the cloud storage through Google One.

Google One is a subscription service, and it also bundles in the Google VPN for Android phones. The free VPN service that comes bundled with Google One will more than help recover the costs incurred for Google One subscription. A good VPN service offering starts at over $10 a month. The first year subscription for Google One for a 2 TB plan is cheaper than using a full fledged VPN connection. This means, cost wise, Google One makes monetary sense.

Now, coming to the one feature that makes me use Google One? The VPN connection on offer for Android phones helps me get adequate protection when I am using Internet on my Android device. For instances when we are forced to make use of the public Wi-Fi networks, say the airports or rail stations, the Google One VPN will cover all our trail and tracks. All data communication in and out of the Android phone is encrypted. So, a sniffer tool may not be able to see or hear anything on your phone.

Google One VPN covers a user like another professional VPN. This, by itself, justifies the use of Google One for an individual. And, there is one more benefit that comes with Google One. I can share my plan with up to 5 family members. So, all of us get a shared Google One Cloud storage of 100 GB. And, each family member gets his or her private space to keep their own files and documents on the cloud storage.

Together with the expanded cloud storage, the Google One VPN makes for a compelling choice for an individual and family. Payments are tied to monthly subscriptions, which can be stopped anytime. You can opt for an annual subscription as well. Doing so will save up to 17% over the Google One subscription price.