Does Fitbit Sense work or sync with Windows 10?

Fitbit app for the Sense smartwatch is not compatible with Windows 10. Windows 10 is not listed as a compatible platform on the Fitbit website, and therefore, Fitbit does not take any implicit or explicit guarantee about the Fitbit app’s compatibility with the Windows 10 operating system. To verify and validate the list of supported operating systems for the Fitbit operating system on Fitbit Sense, please spare a moment to visit this link –

This, obviously, is the official line of thought and action of Fitbit. Practically speaking, you may be able to sync your Fitbit sense watch with the Windows 10 operating system. There is a caveat though. To make your Sense sync with the Windows 10 operating system, you will need to set up the Sense smartwatch through one of the supported operating systems. From the list of acceptable operating system platforms, we understand that the Fitbit app is compatible with all devices that are powered by –

  • Apple IOS 12.2 or higher
  • Android OS 7.0 or higher

So, you can setup your Fitbit app on one of the phones or tablets that work on the above-mentioned operating systems. Once the system has been setup to work with a compatible device, you may use a Bluetooth connection with Windows 10 system. This BLE connection will allow you to sync your Fitbit app with Windows 10. This is more like a secondary step to make your Fitbit data available on the Windows 10 system. But, you would be lucky to make a reliable and dependable connection between a Windows 10 laptop and the Fitbit app over a Bluetooth connection. At best, you may have periods of successful sync followed up with periods of no-sync. This is the precise reason that Fitbit does not support sync between the Fitbit app and Windows 10 operating system.

In my opinion, you may be better off spending your time elsewhere than trying a working integration between Windows 10 and Fitbit app of your Sense smartwatch.

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