Does Fenix 6 have body battery?

Yes, all watches under the Fenix 6 series have the body battery feature. This includes the Fenix 6, Fenix 6S, Fenix 6X Pro, Fenix 6X Sapphire and Fenix 6X Pro Solar. Body battery is a much loved, useful and practical feature on some Garmin smart watches. It forms a part of the heart rate monitoring feature set on the Garmin watches. Some people love this feature for gauging energy levels throughout the day.

Fenix 6X Pro smart watch
Fenix 6X Pro

What is body battery on Fenix 6 watches?

Body battery is a reading provided by the readings on Garmin watches. This reading is a number between 1-100 and represents a user’s energy levels. The body battery reading is based on a combination of multiple factors. Some of these factors are the watch wearer’s heart rate, variation in the heart rate through the day, stress levels and activities performed during the day. Based on the data collected for these variable parameters, the Garmin software will give you a reading of body battery. A high number of body battery indicates that the individual has high energy levels. On a similar note, a low body battery reading implies that the user has poor energy reserves or is tired.

Some physical trainers and coaches may plan your physical workouts or training sessions when your body battery has a high number. Most users will notice that their body battery number is the best during the morning. This is based on the premise that body battery gets charged with a good night’s sleep. Infact, consuming food does not affect the body battery levels to that extent. But, having a sound sleep seems to have the best impact on improved body battery numbers. Mornings, are usually associated with lesser stress levels as well. This is also the precise reason why it is suggested that you should wear your Fenix 6 series watch every night, so that your sleep data, heart rate variations, resting heart rate can be used to come up with a credible reading of body battery every morning.

Body battery drain or degradation happens on account of activity and stress. Heart rate variation throughout the day is one of the criteria that is used to work out the body battery drain. Any activity that poses changes in heart rate is deemed to drain body energy and cause lower body battery readings.

Consumption of stimulants, coffee, intoxicants and alcohol will also cause the body battery levels to drain faster. On a similar note, negative emotions of anxiety, anger and fear will also cause a faster drain of the body battery readings.

Any activity that brings respite to your heart and brings its heart rate down will have a positive bearing on the body battery reading. That is way, a sound sleep is believed to cause major recharge of the body battery readings on the Fenix 6 series watches. More than anything else, an individual can integrate the body battery readings as a good benchmark to see the quality of life. Course correction of physical and emotional activity to bring rest to your heart will bring out positive changes in the heart rate and body battery readings.

How does body battery get charged?

Body battery readings rise and are said to get charged. When the body battery readings do down, body battery gets drained. It is a very simple concept, based on which the body battery readings fluctuate during the day. Normally, you will see higher body battery readings in the mornings. As you progress with activity during the day, the body battery readings show a drain of body battery.

So, which activities will help in body battery recharge?

Since body battery readings are based on heart rate variations and stress levels, any activity that brings a rest to your heart rate will charge the body battery. Good sleep, mind relaxation activities such as meditation and yoga, and other restful activities like reading will bring positive changes in your body battery readings to improve and recharge.

And, what activities will cause body battery drain?

Body battery drain will happen as you participate in physical and other activities. When we exert effort and work, the body battery drain will happen. Situations that contribute to stress, anxiety, anger, quarrels and heated discussions will also cause a swift battery drain.

So, watch out for your heart’s health with a sustained and regular monitoring of the body battery on a Fenix 6 series smart watch. This will include all the Fenix 6 series watches like the Fenix 6, Fenix 6S, Fenix 6X Pro, Fenix 6X Pro Solar and Fenix 6X Sapphire.

How can I see body battery readings on Fenix 6 watches?

Body battery readings are displayed through the body battery widget. Verify if you have a widget of body battery on the Fenix 6 series watch. In case you do not have a body battery widget on the screen, follow the instructions below:

You can change the order of widgets in the widget loop, remove widgets, and add new widgets through the process below.

  1. Hold MENU on you fenix 6
  2. Select Widgets.
  3. Select Widget Glances to turn widget glances on or off. (NOTE: Widget glances display summary data for multiple widgets on a single screen.)
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Select a widget.
  6. Select an option:
    • Press UP or DOWN to change the location of the widget in the widget loop.
    • Select  to remove the widget from the widget loop.
  7. Select Add.
  8. Select the body battery widget. The widget is added to the widget loop.

Once the body battery widget is on the watch, we will follow the instructions to check the body battery level readings since the past midnight:

  1. Press UP or DOWN to view the Body Battery widget
  2. Press  to view a graph of your body battery level since midnight.
  3. Press DOWN to view a combined graph of your Body Battery and stress levels. Blue bars indicate periods of rest. Orange bars indicate periods of stress. Gray bars indicate times when you were too active to determine your stress level.


Body battery feature is a very useful feature on the Fenix 6 series smart watches. Measuring and tracking body battery levels on a regular basis can help in promoting better heart health. You will have a fair idea about activities and periods that cause your body battery drain. And, on a similar basis you will realize that a good night’s sleep can recharge your body battery like nothing else.

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