Does Dreamhost use Cpanel?

Dreamhost is one of my favorite hosts. It has been around for quite a while. And, as a hosting company, Dreamhost does a pretty decent job of offering robust and reliable hosting experience. We look at some key aspects of hosting at Dreamhost below.

Does Dreamhost use Cpanel?

Dreamhost has never used Cpanel control panel. It uses its own custom dashboard to manage all aspects of your web hosting or WordPress hosting. Cpanel is used, primarily, on reseller servers. Web Host Manager and Cpanel form an effective combination that is offered to people who are on shared servers.

Cpanel is also not being preferred by specialist web hosting providers like Kinsta or WP Engine. Cpanel requires additional processing and memory resources. And, you will need to harden the Cpanel servers. On account of security overheads and additional resource requirements more and more hosts are embracing custom user control panels or dashboards.

On a similar note, Dreamhost does not offer Cpanel for hosting customers. There is no possibility of getting Cpanel at Dreamhost.

Where are Dreamhost datacenters located?

Dreamhost hosts on servers that are based in the United States. As of now, Dreamhost uses datacenter at two locations for hosting customers.

  • Dreamhost datacenter in Ashburn Virginia and,
  • Dreamhost datacenter in Hillsboro Oregon

These datacenters are used for shared hosting, WordPress hosting and other non-cloud hosting customers.

In terms of cloud hosting service offering of Dreamhost, the following datacenters are used by Dreamhost:

  • Cloud Compute services on Dreamhost are termed as ‘DreamCompute’. The DreamCompute services are offered from the datacenter in Ashburn Virginia.
  • Cloud Object services on Dreamhost are called as DreamObjects. DreamObject services are offered from the Irvine, California datacenter.

Does Dreamhost offer email hosting as part of hosting?

Yes, Dreamhost does offer email hosting for all hosting plans with the exception of:

  • Shared Starter plan
  • DreamCompute plans
  • DreamObjects plans

This means that all the shared (except Shared Starter) and WordPress managed hosting plans at Dreamhost do include email hosting.

An interesting aspect of email hosting at Dreamhost is that Dreamhost allows you to get email hosting without any web hosting or WordPress hosting. So, Dreamhost can also work purely as a an email host. Such email hosting plans come for a discounted per mailbox email hosting.

Does Dreamhost offer phone support?

Dreamhost does not support phone support. It offers chat based support and ticket based support to its hosting customers. The customer could visit the Dreamhost website and chat with one of the support executives to seek a resolution to user issues. Or, the customer could use the Dreamhost control panel to initiate a support request for the Dreamhost support team.

In our practical experience, phone support may not be the best option to get support on hosting related issues and problems. A ticket based support system is much better. A ticket based system will cause:

  • full documentation of the issue
  • full documentation of the resolution provided

A ticket based support system leads to higher accountability on part of the hosting company.

Phone support for hosting is not the best option because:

  • it is more expensive for a host if he makes use of an 1-800 number to offer support
  • hosting customers may run into accent issues with the support team members
  • it may be difficult to get support for most issues through phone.

On most occasions, hosting related issues require the customer to send or exchange logs with the support team. In many cases, customer may need to send in information or screen shots to provide details of the issue affecting the customer.

On account of all the reasons shared above, we believe that the lack of phone support at Dreamhost does not impair the customer experience in any way.

Does Dreamhost offer CDN?

CDN is Content Delivery Network. It is a network of geographically dispersed datacenters. These datacenters are also called as the edge locations. The edge locations contain a copy of static content of your website. So, when a user visits your website, a locally cached copy of the static website is shared from the datacenter location that is nearest to the visitor. The advantage of using CDN is:

  • it cuts latency and the user will get better speed on loading page content.
  • it saves your server bandwidth.
  • it reduces load on your origin server.

A CDN or Content Delivery Network assumes significance in terms of ‘Core Web Vitals’ score and experience of the visits. A good CDN network improves performance of your website.

Dreamhost allows you to integrate any CDN network with your website hosted at Dreamhost. Dreamhost does not have a CDN of its own. In other words, Dreamhost does not offer CDN services to the hosting customers. You will, therefore, need to rely on a specialist CDN provider like Dreamhost or Sucuri to store copies of your site at the multiple edge locations across the globe.


We have had a look at some features and capabilities of Dreamhost hosting. To summarize:

  • Dreamhost does not offer Cpanel.
  • Dreamhost does not offer CDN services of its own.
  • Dreamhost offers email and ticket support.
  • Dreamhost offers WordPress and shared hosting from Virginia and Hillsboro datacenters.

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