Differences between Coros Apex 2 Pro and Apex 2

Coros Apex 2 Pro and Apex 2 smartwatches were released in late 2022. Both watches are fitness and multi-sports tracking smartwatches.

We look at the core differences between the Coros Apex 2 Pro and Coros Apex 2 below. These watch models differ in the following respects:

  • Dual-frequency GPS
  • Memory or internal storage
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Display size and resolution
  • Battery backup
  • Costs

We expand on these main items of difference in detail below.

Coros Apex 2 Pro supports dual-frequency GPS. Dual-frequency GPS is also called the multi-band GPS.

The dual-frequency GPS system lets you fetch GPS data from multiple satellites simultaneously. This improves GPS data accuracy and reliability.

Dual-frequency GPS is especially useful in remote areas with poor GPS connectivity. And, it is very handy in dense areas or cities full of skyscraper buildings.

For athletes, triathletes, runners and other fitness enthusiasts, the multi-band GPS or the dual-frequency GPS can improve overall GPS data accuracy and user experience.

Apex 2 Pro supports dual-frequency or multi-band GPS. Apex 2 only supports single-frequency GPS mode.

Both watches support the following GPS satellite systems:

  • GPS
  • QZSS
  • BeiDou

Coros Apex 2 Pro has 32 GB internal storage while Apex 2 has 4 GB storage. The additional storage on Apex 2 Pro is useful in storing additional topographical maps or personalized content such as audio content.

Coros Apex 2 Pro is grey nylon wrist band

Coros Apex 2 Pro is wider, heavier, and thicker than the Apex 2 model. The essential differences in the size and weight of both watches are shared in the side-by-side comparison table below.

Watch specificationsCoros Apex 2 ProCoros Apex 2
Watch dimensions46.1 x 46.5 x 14mm43.0 x 42.8 x 12.8mm
Thickness14 mm12.8 mm
Watch band22 mm20 mm
Weight with silicon band66 g53 g
Weight with nylon band53 g42 g

Coros Apex 2 Pro is wider than Apex 2. The display lens of Apex 2 Pro is wider than the display lens of Apex 2.

Due to the increased size of the display lens, the display resolution of Apex 2 Pro is better than Apex 2.

However, both smartwatches continue to use the LCD screen with touchscreen functionality. The display specifications of Coros Apex 2 Pro and Apex 2 are shared below.

Display specificationsCoros Apex 2 ProCoros Apex 2
Display lensLCDLCD
Display lens size1.3″ or 33 mm1.2″ or 30 mm
Display resolution260 x 260 pixels240 x 240 pixels

Coros Apex 2 Pro has a reasonably higher battery backup than Apex 2. A full comparison is shown below.

Watch modesCoros Apex 2 Pro backupCoros Apex 2 backup
Daily useUp to 30 daysUp to 17 days
Standard GPS without musicUp to 75 hoursUp to 45 hours
Standard GPS with musicUp to 17 hoursUp to 8 hours
All Systems GPS without musicUp to 45 hoursUp to 30 hours
All Systems GPS with musicUp to 14 hoursUp to 7 hours
Dual-frequency GPS without musicUp to 26 hoursDual-frequency not available
Dual-frequency GPS with musicUp to 11 hoursDual-frequency not available

Coros Apex 2 Pro costs $449 and Coros Apex 2 costs $349.

For an additional amount of $100, the Coros Apex 2 Pro offers the following additional features:

  • Dual-frequency GPS
  • Higher device or internal storage of 32 GB
  • Bigger screen of 33 mm
  • Bigger watch body of 46 mm
  • Higher thickness of 14mm

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