Difference between Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8

Apple Watch 9 was released in September 2023. Apple Watch 8, the predecessor to Apple Watch 9, was unveiled in September 2022. We examine the core differences between Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8 below.

Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8 differ in the following respects:

  • Faster and newer processor in Apple Watch 9
  • Higher device storage in Apple Watch 9
  • Higher screen brightness in Apple Watch 9

All other technical specifications of Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8 are identical. We expand on these differences in detail below.

For the sake of simplicity, the focus of this study is only on the differences between Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8. To keep things simple, we will not talk about any other features of Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8.

Apple Watch 9 comes with an S9 SIP processor. Apple Watch 8 has an S8 SIP processor. The S9 SIP Processor is marginally better than S8 SIP processor.

S9 SIP Processor vs S8 SIP Processor for Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8

  • The S9 SIP processor has 60% more transistors than the S8 SIP chip.
  • The S9 SIP chip gives a processor performance boost of up to 30 percent over the S8 SIP processor.
  • The next-generation neural engine in the S9 chip allows it to perform ML or Machine Language tasks twice as fast as the S8 chip.

The basic premise is that the S9 processor works and processes faster than the S8 chip. However, the performance gain may not be explicitly clear to the watch owner. It is essentially under-the-hood performance gain. Having said that, we can confidently say that the Apple Watch 9 with the S9 chip will have easy support for future versions of the WatchOS operating system.

This also means that the S9 chip will support new features and capabilities in the WatchOS more effectively than the S8 chip.

In other words, you can expect the Apple Watch 9 to give you a longer or extended period of ownership.

Apple Watch 9 in 45 mm PINK color

Apple Watch 9 has 64 GB internal storage and Apple Watch 9 has 32 GB internal storage. The incremental storage could be used for storing personalized audio content or GPS maps for different regions.

You could even store personalized photos on the watch storage. Incremental storage allows you to store more data on the watch.

Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8 use the same display technology. Both watches have Retina display powered with OLED display type.

The difference lies in screen brightness. Apple Watch 8 can go to 1000 nits screen brightness. Apple Watch 9 can achieve up to 2000 nits of brightness.

So, the peak brightness offered by an Apple Watch 9 is twice the peak brightness offered by an Apple Watch 8.

The difference in brightness may not make much of a difference when you are outdoors. However, you may notice a strikingly better bright experience under poor ambient light surroundings. But, the difference in brightness between Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8 may not be a deal breaker for someone looking to save a few bucks with an Apple Watch 8.

Apple Watch 9 has added a new color variant. Apple Watch 9 is now available in PINK color. Apart from this, both watches are available in Midnight, Starlight, RED, pink, gold, silver, graphite colors.

Apple Watch 9 starts at a basic cost of $399 for the 41 mm GPS variant in aluminum casing. The price goes up to $799 for Apple Watch 9 45 mm GPS + Cellular with stainless steel casing and stainless steel band.

Apple Watch 8 is no longer available for sale through Apple.

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