Denmark Hospitals impacted by cyber attack

Denmark hospitals have become a subject of cyber attacks. The ‘Anonymous Sudan’ group of hackers has issued a statement about the cyber attacks on Danish hospitals. At this point, 9 hospitals in Denmark have been impacted and their websites are not working. These attacks happened over the weekend and the websites went offline on 26th February 2023.

Key points about the cyber attack on Denmark hospitals

  • Anonymous Sudan group of hackers has claimed responsibility for cyber attacks on Danish hospitals. Multiple Danish hospitals have been targeted in the latest cyber incident that came to fore on Sunday, 26th February 2023.
  • The same group of hackers targeted Scandinavian Airlines last week and caused widespread disruption to air traffic through the Scandinavian countries. Customer data was breached as part of this cyber attack.
  • The attack on Scandinavian airlines was followed up by an attack on the Swedish national TV broadcaster SVT.
  • Anonymous Sudan group is a relatively new group that uses DDoS attacks to cause disruption of services. However, breach of customer data has been reported in earlier cyber attacks.
  • It has been targeting the Scandinavian countries over the previous few weeks to protest against the burning of Quran during demonstrations in Stockholm.
  • The website of nine hospitals went offline last night after a distributed denial of service attack or DDoS attack was initiated against the health infrastructure in Denmark. The sites continue to remain down as we write this.
  • Healthcare facilities have not been impacted by this cyber incident.

The following hospitals have been a subject of attack and the websites have been impacted by the latest cyber attack:

The scope and extent of this attack is not fully materialised yet. So, it remains to be seen if patient data of these hospitals has been compromised. Or, if the attack is limited to the DDoS attack only.

About the Anonymous Sudan Group

Tuesec, a security advisory company, has been conducting an investigation into the antecedents of the ‘Anonymous Sudan’ group. It comes out as a group of hactivists that target digital infrastructure based on political and religious ideologies.

However, Truesec has found out the following about the ‘Anonymous Sudan’ group:

  • The threat actors seem to be part of the Russian network and are based in Russia.
  • The group appeared on the scenes on 23rd January 2023. It is a relatively new entity in the world of IT security threat actors.
  • It used DDoS attacks to cripple the Internet-based infrastructure of public companies and institutions.
  • These DDoS attacks are learned to have been initiated from a network of paid servers leased by the ‘Anonymous Sudan’ group.
  • No ransom notes seem to have been exchanged in the previous cyber attacks conducted by the ‘Anonymous Sudan’ group.

You can read more about thr group in Truesec’s investigation report here.

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