Data breach reported in ransomware attack on Eskenazi Health

Healthcare organizations are the new target of ransomware attacks, or so it may see. Eskenazi Health has reported of an attack on their IT infrastructure on 4th August. Initially, the healthcare provider implied that their IT protection processes kicked in and all data of the provider is safe. Later, the Eskenazi team informed that some data breach has taken place and they are looking into the extent and type of data accessed by the attackers in this ransomware attack.

Eskenazi has also confirmed that it has not paid the ransom sought by the ransomware attackers. The healthcare organization has been working with cybersecurity experts and auditors to go through a slow, and tedious forensics audit. The forensics study will help in knowing the files and data that has been compromised, and the data accessed by the attackers. As of now, the healthcare organization has confirmed that there has been no credit fraud. However, in a statement released by Eskenazi, they did mention that -““However, for now, employees, providers, patients, former patients and vendors should closely monitor bank and credit card statements, as well as other personal information,” the hospital said in a statement.”

The ransomware attack caused break in hospital operations, as the Eskenazi team struggled to gets its IT systems cleaned and made live over a period of two days. As of now, the hospital operations are back and the healthcare provider is working normally. We expect to hear more from Eskenazi team once the forensic audit of IT information systems and data stores is completed.