Data breach on SAC Wireless, Nokia subsidiary

Nokia’s wholly owned subsidiary, SAC wireless, has fallen victim to the ransomware attack launched by Conti. The company has disclosed that its systems were compromised on 16 June by the Conti ransomware group. Subsequently, company data was stolen on 13th August, 2021. The findings have been shared by SAC wireless after the external cyber security auditors completed a forensic audit on the company’s network and IT infrastructure.

It is believed, that the Conti ransomware group got access to the Cloud hosting of SAC wireless. They were able to upload the ransomware code through the cloud, and encrypt data on the SAC’s servers and network. Conti group has also confirmed via a statement on their website that they have downloaded 250 GB data form the SAC wireless corporate network. Expectedly, they have demanded ransom from the SAC wireless, and warned that they will leak the data online if their ransom demands are not met.

Data stolen from the SAC wireless network includes personal details of the current and past employees. The company says that the following data may have been compromised or encrypted by the Conti group.

  • Stolen files contain the following categories of personal info: name, date of birth, contact information (such as home address, email, and phone), government ID numbers (such as driver’s license, passport, or military ID), social security number, citizenship status, work information (such as title, salary, and evaluations), medical history, health insurance policy information, license plate numbers, digital signatures, certificates of marriage or birth, tax return information, and dependent/beneficiary names.”

The extent of this data breach suggests that SAC wireless’s employee data and their personal information has been compromised severely. We only hope that personal information of the employees and their family members does not end up on one of the sites.

The Chicago based Nokia subsidiary works with telecom carriers, major tower owners, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across the US. SAC Wireless helps customers design, build and upgrade cellular networks, including 5G, 4G LTE, small cell and FirstNet.

You may read the full statement sent by SAC Wireless on this link –