Daily Readiness Scores on Fitbit

Daily readiness score is one of the new features that has been made available on the Fitbit operating system. The daily readiness scores are a good way to reflect on your readiness for activity and fitness sessions on the go. But, it does require a valid fitbit premium subscription to make use of the feature on a linked Fitbit device. We look at the Fitbit readiness score in more details.

What Fitbit devices are compatible with the Daily Readiness score?

Fitbit’s Daily Readiness score is a relatively new feature that seeks to offer a score of your health and stress on a daily basis. However, the feature is available only on a select few devices of Fitbit. To use the Daily Readiness Score, you will require a valid subscription to the Fitbit premium services. As of November 2021, the Fitbit premium subscription costs $9.99 a month or $79.99 when paid up annually. Fitbit’s Daily Readiness score is supported on the following devices:

  • Fitbit Sense
  • Fitbit Versa 3
  • Fitbit Versa 2
  • Fitbit Charge 5 fitness bands
  • Fitbit Luxe
  • Fitbit Inspire 2

Daily Readiness Score must be treated as an indicator of your health’s status. Whether you are ready for a workout or active session or if your body is in a recovery mode and requires to be given rest. A lower than 30 Daily Readiness score implies that your body is fatigued, and you must give time for the body to recover.

Fitbit Daily Readiness score

Daily Readiness score is not working after purchase?

Daily readiness scores will start populating after your device has had four days of sleep tracking data. From the time you buy the Fitbit premium and enroll for the daily readiness scores, there may be delays of up to four or five days before the readings appear on the Fitbit app associated with your device. This is called as the ‘tuning period’ by Fitbit.

Over and above the initial four days when the day is not available, there is another 10 day learning period on Fitbit devices. During these 10 days, data is being collected to prepare a baseline of metrics. These metrics include your activity minutes, sleep scores and heart rate variability scores. The exact data becomes available after 2 weeks of the initial purchase and setup. Setup is a straight forward process that makes you accept the terms of service on the Fitbit premium services.

Post 14 days of purchase, you will see Fitbit Readiness score and sleep scores. These scores will be part of the Fitbit app. You will see all the metrics on the app, and not on the device.

How are Fitbit Daily Readiness Scores rated?

Fitbit Daily Readiness scores are a collection of three essential metrics:

  1. Activity minutes that focus on calculating your fitness and exercise session minutes.
  2. Heart rate variability that calculates the changes in heart rate when you engage in activities or exercise sessions.
  3. Sleep scores that calculate the quality of your sleep over a period of 4 days rolling average data of sleep.

There are 3 different categories of the Daily Readiness score:

  • 0-30 – Low rating of the Daily Readiness Score
  • 30-70 – Good rating of the Daily Readiness Score
  • 70 and above – Excellent rating of the Daily Readiness Score

The Fitbit algorithm for the Daily Readiness score seems to be evolving as we write this. We expect further improvements in the methodology used to calculate the Daily Readiness Score by Fitbit devices. A typically low Fitbit Daily Readiness score implies that you are tired and your body needs to recover with ample rest. Once you have recovered, and the Daily Readiness scores go above 30, you will be able to work on activity minutes or specific activities for your fitness goals.

The sleep score provides meaningful data on the quality of sleep. The sleep score compares your sleep data over a period of past 4 days. So, aberrations of a single day exceptional data are taken care of because of the size of sleep score data calculation i.e. of four days. The sleep metrics on the Daily Readiness Score and Fitbit app are pretty clear in establishing a trend of your sleep quality over a period of time. Rather than putting a number against the sleep score, you must strive to see the sleep score quality reporting as a trend.

Where can I see the Daily Readiness Score of Fitbit?

Daily Readiness scores are displayed on the Fitbit app. As of now, there is no way for the associated device to show the metrics of Daily Readiness Score. Upon login to the Fitbit app, you should see the metrics of Daily Readiness Score and Sleep score on the app.

What are the zone minutes on Fitbit Daily Readiness Score?

Zone minutes on the Fitbit premium app are a collection of activity sessions and activity minutes that help in creating activities that are tailor made for each individual. As we write this, Fitbit has a collection of different activities. These activities are offered to you as per your fitness goals and aims. The image below shows one such activity that focuses on a 45 minute cardio exercise.


Fitbit’s Daily Readiness score is a Fitbit premium service offering that lays out your fitness, health and sleep data in a thread bare style. The score is helpful in gauging fitness and sleep trends over a period of time. Sleep and heart variability scores are pretty reliable in measuring baseline data and evaluating health across that baseline. Daily Readiness score requires purchase of a valid Fitbit premium plan.

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