Chrome version 120.0.6099.199/200 for Windows

Chrome browser received the latest update on 3 January 2024. Chrome for Windows stable version 120.0.6099.199/200 was released last night to address various bugs and threats discussed below.

Chrome browser is now on build 120.

The latest version of Chrome browser is 121.0.6167.85/86 for Windows. You can read more about it on the Chrome 121.0.6167.85/86 page.

  • Chrome browser received a security update on 3 January 2024.
  • For Windows, the stable release version for the Chrome browser is 120.0.6099.199/200. We are now on build 120 for Chrome.
  • Chome 120.0.6099.199/200 supersedes Chrome version 120.0.6099.130 for Windows.
  • Chome 120.0.6099.129/130 for Windows operating system was released on 20 December 2023. So, it has been around 2 weeks since the last Chrome update that a new security update has been released for the Chrome browser.
  • Chrome 120.0.6099.199/200 is valid for all Windows 10, Windows 11 and 64 bit Windows installations.
  • For Mac computers, the stable release version for Chrome browser is 120.0.6099.199.
  • For Linux computers, the stable release version for Chrome browser is 120.0.6099.199.
  • This security update fixes 6 security vulnerabilities in the Chromium project. Details of these vulnerabilities are shared below.
  • For Android devices, the latest release of the Chrome browser is 120.0.6099.193. The Android version will be made available through the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, the Extended Stable channel for the Chrome browser has been updated to  120.0.6099.200 for Windows and Chrome version  120.0.6099.199 for Mac computers.

These updates should be automatically applied to the target computers over the next few days. You could also download the latest version of Chrome browser.

The current update for Chrome for Windows  120.0.6099.199/200 has a fix for 6 security vulnerabilities. Four of these 6 threats were uncovered by external researchers. A brief description of each of these four vulnerabilities is given below.

Bug IDCVE detailsSeverityVulnerability type
1501798CVE-2024-0222HighUse after free in ANGLE
1505009CVE-2024-0223HighHeap overflow in ANGLE
1505086CVE-2024-0224HighUse after free in WebAudio
1506093CVE-2024-0225HighUse after free in WebGPU

Apart from the 6 security threats that have been fixed in Chrome 120.0.6099.199/200 for Windows, other bug fixes are implemented as per the details below.

  • Bug ID – 1515353
  • Various bug fixes and security fixes were applied after internal security audits, fuzzing, and other initiatives in the Chromium project.

You can find the installed version of the Chrome browser on your Windows desktop by following the instructions below:

  1. Launch Chrome.
  2. Click on the 3 Vertical Dots. in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.
  3. Scroll down to and Hover over the Help option, then click on About Google Chrome in the new menu that opens.
  4. A new window appears that provides information about the browser.

Chrome browser gets updated automatically as a background process. You need to close the Chrome browser and launch it again. This should allow the browser engine to fetch the latest updates.

If there is a pending update for the Chrome browser, you will get a pending icon on the browser three dots. The color of the icon will depend upon the time period for which the update has been pending.

  • If the pending update was released less than 2 days ago, you will see Green dots.
  • If the pending update was released about 4 days ago, you will see Yellow dots.
  • If the pending update was released at least a week ago, you will see Red dots.

We do suggest keeping the Chrome browser updated at all times to resolve security vulnerabilities.

Rajesh Dhawan

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