Can I swim with the Suunto 9 smart watch?

Yes, you can swim with Suunto 9 smart watches as these watches are rated ATM 10 and are water resistant at up to 100 meters or 330 feet depth under the surface water level. Suunto 9 smart watch comes in two models –Suunto 9 Peak and Suunto 9 Baro. Both models of Suunto 9 watches are compatible with the water rating standards of ATM 10, which basically means that both watches are able to sustain the depth pressure at levels up to 100 meters or 330 feet below the water level.

Suunto 9 Baro Smart Watch for swimming
Suunto 9 Baro Smart watch for swimming

ATM ratings or the ATMOSPHERES rating of a watch are provided to specify the maximum pressure that a watch may take or withstand, when it goes below water. Some people use Bars to indicate the depth pressure. A 10 ATM watch may also be called as a 10 Bars watch. Both terms signify the same thing. The normal pressure at the water surface level is 1 ATM. So, a 10 ATM rated watch can take up to 10 times the pressure exerted by water at the surface. In this regard, one must state that as you go deeper into water, the pressure increases with depth. While surface swimming or pool swimming does not reach the depths of 100 meters or 330 feet below the surface water levels, open air swimming or deep sea diving can go much deeper.

Incremental depth pressure is not good for watches. The depth pressure will work on the watch screen, water sealing of the watch’s indoor unit and the fitments of the smart watch. If these watch parts are not conforming to the water ratings of 10 ATM, there is a chance that the added depth pressure may cause damage to the fitments or indoor unit of the watch.

Aside from the Suunto watches, Garmin Fenix 6 series watches also conform to the ATM 10 water rating standards of water proof watches. However it must be noted that an ATM 10 Smartwatch is not fit for scuba diving.  Suunto 9 watches РPeak and Baro, should not be used at the times of scuba diving. Scuba divers should specifically look for smart watches that are rated for diving compatibility.  Garmin does have the Descent MK series watches that conform to the scuba-diving standards.

Suunto 9 watches also provide a swimming Heatmap functionality. This feature will allow you to find open air swimming locations in a particular area. This is a useful feature for people who travel a lot or who are at a new location. The HeatMap data will help you to find swimming locations under the sun and share details of beaches that are safe for swimmers.

Another notable feature of Suunto 9 watches is that it can help you in finding the temperature of water. All that you need to do is to immerse your hand in the pool water, and wait a minute or two The watch will reveal water temperature in the pool. This feature can be very useful for family swimming session, especially when you have kids around.

You are also able to collect GPS data of swimming activity from the Suunto 9 watches. You can get GPS data for swimming in freestyle, backstroke and and butterfly swimming modes; only exception being when you are swimming in the breaststroke mode. GPS data from breaststroke swimming cannot be captured because the hand remains under water during the entire duration of swimming.


Suunto 9 watches are ideal for surface swimming and open air swimming, as long as you are not going deep into water below 100 meters of 330 feet below water level. Deep sea diving or water sports are not meant to be carried out with the Suunto 9 watches. On a similar note, Suunto 9 watches should be avoided while scuba diving. This will protect the watch against incremental depth pressure that scuba divers are exposed to under the sea.