Can Fitbit Sense work without Fitbit Premium?

Yes, most definitely, Fitbit Sense can work fine without Fitbit Premium. In fact, Fitbit Premium is designed to augment the health tracking features of the watch. The core features and functionality of Fitbit Sense remain untouched. We discuss the Fitbit Premium subscription and its impact on the overall health tracking metrics. Also, we look at how Fitbit Premium can compliment music availability on the Fitbit Sense watch.

What is Fitbit Premium?

Fitbit Premium is a subscription service. It seeks to expand the core functionality of the Fitbit Sense smartwatch by introducing health tracking features. There are additional music options for Fitbit Premium subscribers and your health data gets stored on Fitbit servers for an extended period of time. This is a broad-level description of the Fitbit Premium program.

New Fitbit Sense watches come with a 6-month complimentary Fitbit Premium. After the expiry of 6 month subscription, you can choose to renew the service. Fitbit Premium can be renewed for a monthly commitment of $9.99 a month or $79.99 on an annual term. If you do not renew the service, the Fitbit Premium subscription will cease to have an effect on your Fitbit Sense smartwatch. You can continue to make use of Fitbit Sense normally.

Can I opt-out of Fitbit Premium anytime?

Yes, Fitbit Premium is a service that renews every month or every year, depending upon the subscription term availed. You can opt out of Fitbit Premium anytime. It is as simple as not renewing the Fitbit Premium subscription and canceling the subscription through the Fitbit app on your phone.

There are no refunds for Fitbit Premium. So, if you skip or opt-out of Fitbit Premium before your annual term expires, there will be no refunds. Your subscription will continue to roll until the expiry of your annual term’s subscription end date.

How can I cancel Fitbit Premium?

To cancel Fitbit Premium, you will need to use the Fitbit app on the smartphone that is paired with the Fitbit Sense smartwatch.

  1. In the Fitbit app, tap the Today tab    > your profile picture.
  2. Scroll down and tap Account Settings.
  3. Then tap Manage Subscriptions. Your active subscriptions for Fitbit Sense will open in the smartphone’s app store.
  4. Tap your Fitbit Premium subscription > Cancel Subscription.

Is Fitbit Premium worth it on Fitbit Sense?

Fitbit Premium is useful for people who wish to have better health tracking features and more detailed workout plans. The subscription service is an ideal fit for people who are into fitness routines and need granular activity tracking features on the smartwatch. Fitbit Premium will expand on the features offered by the core Fitbit operating system. There are additional third-party app integrations that have been made possible through the Fitbit Premium program. For example, Deezer and Pandora integration on Fitbit Premium has been made possible as part of a new integrated model of the subscription service. On a similar note, mindful sessions with Deepak Chopra and integration with Calm sleep app are some premium features that are useful on a daily basis.

There are specific gains that accrue to your Fitbit Sense through the use of Fitbit Premium. Here are the chief benefits or additional features of Fitbit Premium for Fitbit Sense:

  • Health data is made available for an extended period of 90 days. Without Fitbit Premium, data around your health metrics is available for a period of one week. Having access to health data for 90 days allows you to monitor your fitness journey on a close basis.
  • Daily Readiness Score is an indicator of your body’s fatigue or energy levels. It is a Fitbit Premium feature. It is similar in many ways to Garmin’s ‘Body Battery’ score. Each morning, the Daily Readiness Score is updated. It helps you judge if you are ready for an activity or if your energy levels are low and your body needs to recover with some rest.
    1. Daily Readiness score below 30 indicates you need rest.
    2. Daily Readiness score between 30-70 indicates you are in good shape for any physical activity.
    3. Daily Readiness score above 70 indicates excellent readiness for physical or fitness activities.
  • You will get access to over 200 meditation mindful sessions. Deepak Chopra’s meditation sessions are a part of the Fitbit Premium subscription. A 6-month subscription enables you to make use to the ‘Calm’ app in getting sleep aids.
  • Over 200 workouts are designed to take you through a fitness journey. Fitbit Premium will suggest specific physical activities depending on your overall health makeup.
  • Wellness reports are prepared in the monthly and annual time periods. A PDF summary of health metrics and general wellness is prepared every month and every year. It is a good starting point to evaluate your health and fitness performance on a consistent basis.
  • Sleep score breakdown tracks sleep quality at a granular level. Deep sleep, REM sleep, and total sleep time times are evaluated and the sleep quality is rated in exhaustive detail.
  • Stress Management score breakdown helps you have a look at the activities that lead to an increase in stress. On a similar note, you can see the activities that resulted in recovery and a drop in stress levels. The analysis of stress contributing factors can help you make lifestyle changes.
  • Skin-based temperature readings are made possible through the Fitbit Premium subscription service. Temperature readings are taken while you sleep.
  • Premium challenges are goal based challenges on your better health journey. Depending on your goals, the Fitbit Premium program will take you through a journey of premium challenges to achieve the desired fitness and health goals.


Fitbit Premium is a subscription service and you can cancel it anytime. However, we strongly suggest making use of Fitbit Premium for taking onward steps to better health, fitness, and an even better state of restful mind.

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