Can a smartwatch be repaired?

Yes, a smartwatch can be repaired. But, the success of such a repair would depend upon the part that has to be replaced or repaired. Watch technicians or watch repair shops can do a reasonably good job in repairing smartwatches. This assumes that the part to be repaired is easily available in the market. So, what all components of a smartwatch can be repaired? Let us have a look below.

Smartwatch parts needing repairs

Smartwatch runs on a compact unit that can be called as the heart of the watch. The compact unit is housed in the watch body. It contains complex architecture of the watch that provides all the functionality and features on the watch. You could also call it the circuit of the smartwatch. Most sensors on the watch are mounted on this compact unit of the watch.

Battery of the watch comes with a pre-defined lifecycle. For watches like Fitbit Sense, you can expect the battery to wear off in 2-3 years. Garmin’s Fenix 6 battery may last for anytime between 4-6 years. On a similar note, Apple Watch 7 battery could last for 4-6 years. A large number of smartwatch repair requests would seek a battery replacement.

The display glass of the smartwatch is prone to wear and tear. It is also prone to scratches. Smartwatch glass replacement is one of the most sought after smartwatch repair services.


Repair of Compact Unit of Smartwatch

If the compact smart unit of the watch has developed a snag, it would be very difficult to isolate the issue and resolve it. To repair the compact unit of the watch, you will need special tools and machinery to repair the board in a mechanized fashion. Therefore, any impairment of a feature or essential function of the smartwatch should be considered as a failure of the compact unit that powers the watch. Repairing the compact unit, generally speaking, is a futile exercise. You will spend time and money for unpredictable results.

This holds true for all the watch brands. Be it an Apple Watch or a Garmin Fenix, a flawed compact unit or motherboard of the watch is seldom repairable. Therefore, our suggestion is not to go for repair of a watch whose motherboard is damaged or impacted.

Battery Replacement of Smartwatches

Battery replacement is one of the most sought after smartwatch repair services. Most watch repair shops and watch technicians are able to replace the battery of smartwatches. Most manufacturers happily share the battery part numbers. You could use this battery part number to source the replacement battery of your smartwatch.

However, there are a couple of things you need to be wary of. Battery replacement involves taking off the rear cover of the smartwatch. The watch casing is replaced after changing the battery. In doing so, there is a high chance of the water seal on the smartwatch to get damaged. Only the more experienced and established watch technicians are able to replace battery without damaging the water seal of the smartwatch. Water seal protects the watch against accidental water damage to the smartwatch. Should you want to get the battery replaced at a local watch store, do talk to the watch technician about the water seal on the watch body.

The other thing with battery replacement is that the locally sourced batteries do not offer the same level of backup as the original smartwatch battery. On a similar note, the overall lifecycle of the battery would be considerably lower than the original battery. So, you should consider the cost of battery and the cost of replacement services before proceeding ahead with the battery replacement of any smartwatch. I can understand the reasons behind battery replacement of more expensive smartwatches like the Apple Watch 6 or the Garmin Fenix 6. But, there may not be a justification for battery replacement of the Fitbit Versa range or the Fitbit Sense watches. Same would hold true for an Amazfit’s battery replacement.

Repair of Smartwatch Glass

The display glass of the smartwatch is prone to wear and tear as part of regular usage of the watch. Your watch’s display may have scratches that may have accumulated over a period of time. Most watch repair shops are able to replace the display glass of watches very easily. The cost would be a fraction of the new watch price.

The only caveat would have to be the glass replacement cost of watches with the Sapphire glass or Power Glass. These glasses are, generally, unavailable in the local market. There are limited companies that make these glasses. Plus, the glass replacement cost would be substantial.

Having said that, it is clear that it may not be very practical to get the smartwatch’s Sapphire or Power Glass replaced at a local watch repair shop. For the generic display glasses, you may still consider getting the glass replaced at a local watch repair shop.

Water Damage to Smartwatch

Water damage implies that the watch’s internal unit has been exposed to water. This may have happened when water seeped in through the watch fitments. Water damage repairs come with unpredictable results. It may not be a wise idea to get a water damaged smartwatch repaired at high prices. You could try to get water damaged smartwatches repaired at low price points. Beyond a decent amount, water damaged smartwatches are not worth taking a chance.

Warranty on Smartwatch Repairs

If you intend to get the smartwatch repaired at a local watch repair shop, do seek out a warranty on the repaired or replaced parts. That would offer you some sound sleep. If you are spending money on repairs, it does make sense to use the parts and services that are backed by a trusted warranty term. If it were me, I would never get any repairs that are not backed by at least 6 months of warranty support.


Smartwatch repair is an intricate process. As long as the battery or the display glass is impacted, you may choose to get the smartwatch repaired by a watch technician. For a flaw in the internal setup of the smartwatch, you should avoid getting the smartwatch repaired. There may not be any cost benefits attached to the repair of internal units of the smartwatch. Also, always get the watch repaired at a store that can offer some sort of warranty on the repaired watch parts. Without a warranty coverage, your repaired watch may not last long.

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