Buying Fitbit products in India – Read on….

Fitbit makes quality fitness trackers and smart watches. We all know this. And, the company charges a premium for the products on offer. For example, a fitness band from Fitbit costs nearly Rs. 10,000. This is nearly 3 times the cost of a smart fitness band of OnePlus or OPPO. Fitbit’s ‘made in Vietnam’ fitness bands would definitely command a premium over the ‘Made in China’ smart fitness bands of OPPO or OnePlus. On a similar basis, the smart watch made by Fitbit sells for nearly Rs. 17,000 in India while a similar smart watch would be a third of the price charged by Fitbit.

We definitely feel that the pedometer functionality of the Fitbit is way better than the pedometer functionality of the Oppo or OnePlus. Good quality sensors ensure that fitness data is accurate. The company can command a premium for accurate data collection and reporting. However, the biggest issue with Fitbit products in India is the lack of service centers to service the smart fitness bands or smart watches. So, once your smart fitness bands or smart watch goes out of warranty, you will not be able to service it or get it repaired. Essentially, your device is as good as the period of warranty on the product. Once your service warranty ends, and the product develops a problem, you are on your own. There is no service support from the company, rendering the product useless post expiration of the warranty. This is the sad truth of all the Fitbit products.

Another striking aspect of Fitbit products is that the customer support seems to be completely disjointed. Look over on Fitbit’s forum, and you will see the Indian users complaining about non-responsive customer support. So many Fitbit devices rendered useless because issues and problems cannot be resolved by anyone. There is no service center. And, the customer support keeps on sending support documents to the users in a bid to help them fix the issues. Customer support forums are full of customer complaints. There is no attempt by Fitbit’s support staff to help anyone. Is this how a customer is treated?

Surprisingly, it is beyond anyone’s rational thinking to understand what stops Fitbit from setting up support centers in India or by ensuring proper and seamless customer support people who know the ins and outs of the product? The premium charged by the company for its products needs to be reinvested in bolstering support. Until the company irons out the issues with customer support and sets up the customer service centers in India, it would be wise to stay clear of smart fitness bands and smart watches of Fitbit.

So, before buying a Fitbit smart fitness band or a smart watch, do bear in mind that Fitbit does not have a service center in India as of May 2021.