Bug on Google App causes loss of call functionality

Some Android phones have been affected with a loss of call functionality after updating the version of Google app. The issue surfaced yesterday when the users were not able to make calls after updating Google app.

LG phone users have already shared complaints, and showed the loss of call functionality. Some models that seem to have been affected are – LG G7, LG G7 ThinQ, LG V40 ThinQ, and LG Q70. Google did realize that the bug on the Google app was causing this loss of call functionality. Another updated version of the Google app was placed on the Google Play store. For devices that have enabled automatic updates, the Google app should update automatically. For others, we suggest going to the Google Play store and look for the Google app. Download the latest version from the Google play store and re-install the app to recover the call functionality.

User complaints started popping out on the play store last night. Google was quick to handle it proactively. Close to 5 billion Android phones may have been impacted with this bug. Most phones on automatic updates may not have even know of the existence of the Google app bug. For others, the phone users will need to manually update the Google app from the play store.