Bezel replacement on a Fenix 6 smart watch

Fenix 6 smart watches are sturdy and accurate smart watches. Undoubtedly, Fenix series is a popular smart watch series across the world. Product quality in terms of software and hardware is above and beyond many competing smart watches.

With normal wear and tear, you may experience scratches on the Fenix 6S and Fenix 6 series watches. This may actually also affect the Fenix 6X Pro watches too. Scratches on the bezel are a sore eye. How would you go about getting the bezel clean and sparkling again? Or how do you protect your bezel from scratches?

There are 2 options to maintain the bezel of the Fenix 6 watch.

Use a Scratch Protector

Cover the bezel with a ring that is specially made for the Fenix watches. Such ring covers are easily available on Amazon and other online stores. Some people call these ring covers as scratch protectors. Others may call them collision protectors. These scratch protectors are cheap and cost less than $10. Some varieties are costlier and may cost up to $20. These steel covers are pasted with an adhesive over the Fenix 6 bezel. The adhesive allows for easy installation and the scratch protector can be easily taken off as per your convenience.

These scratch protectors are made of stainless steel and they would match with your steel bezel on the Fenix 6 series watches. A scratch protector ring is the best way to maintain the visual appeal of your Fenix series smart watches from Garmin. Without meddling with the internals of the Fenix 6 watches, you can protect the bezel from scratches by using a ring cover or scratch protector.

Bezel Replacement of Fenix

There may be a case wherein the Fenix watch has already gone beyond the warranty period of 2 years and the bezel is showing the age. The bezel surface may have scratches or dents. In this case, you may decide to get the bezel replaced. Although it sounds very simple, replacement of the bezel is not a straight-forward case. The bezel is actually pasted on the watch glass and it cannot be taken off or replaced in isolation. You will also need to take off the Fenix watch glass to replace the bezel. Replacing the bezel on a Fenix 6 will require the glass replacement as well and is therefore, it is not considered as user repairable. You will need to talk to the Garmin support and work out a deal for bezel replacement. Most times, they will send you a refurbished Fenix for a discounted fee. This could be the best way to get your bezel replaced through one of the authorized service centers of Garmin.

Do not even think about getting the bezel replaced in the after-market. This would be akin to throwing your Garmin Fenix 6 down the drain. Replacement of the bezel requires deft handling. And since the watch screen is also involved to a great extent, there is no clarity if your watch face or the waterproofing of the watch can be salvaged in the after-market repairs. If you want to save your money and time, stay away from after-market repairs of the Fenix watch, especially for the bezel. After-market repairs of the Fenix watch cost about half of the costs incurred on getting the watch serviced by Garmin. The additional expense of getting the watch serviced or the watch replaced by Garmin is more preferable than an after-market bezel replacement done at a third party place.

The best bet for bezel replacement remains Garmin and its support team. Talk to them and get a refurbished Fenix 6 for a replacement fee.

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