Battery Replacement of Garmin Fenix 6 series

Garmin Fenix 6 series is the current series being marketed by Garmin. Garmin 6S Pro, Garmin 6X Sapphire and Garmin 6X Pro Solar are the leading models being marketed on the premium segment while the Fenix 6, Fenix 6S and Fenix 6S Pro continue to dominate the fitness and smart watch markets. The Fenix 7 is expected to hit the stores in October 2021.

Battery life on a Fenix 6 series watch should be anywhere between 3-6 years. A lot also depends on how you make use of the watch and how frequently you charge the Fenix 6. Frequent charging is known to degrade battery life. There are whole lot of suggested best practices in terms of improving the battery life of a Fenix 6. We suggest, as a bare minimum, to avoid using third party clock faces that cause massive battery drain.

Battery issues with Fenix 6 are seldom reported. This is a relatively new series, and hence you will not come across many issues where the Fenix 6 battery has died out. However, should there be a need of battery replacement for the Fenix 6, what are the available options?

To begin with, the best bet is to contact the Garmin customer support team. I can tell you that the customer support team of Garmin is helpful and empathize with the customers. Whenever you are using an out of warranty Fenix watch and the watch has developed some issues or niggles, it is always recommended to contact the Garmin support team. If your Fenix 6 is in warranty, all issues will be handled by Garmin without any charges on you. For out of warranty watches, we need to work closely with the Garmin support team. They do have one or more options available to resolve the customer issues, especially the battery issues. A new Fenix 6 top model is almost $700, while the Fenix 6 Solar is almost touching $1000. Who would like the Fenix to be dumped for a simple battery issue? Talking to the Garmin support team, we know that there are a couple of options that they may provide. The option provided depends upon the stocks of the watch or the battery.

a) Garmin may repair your Fenix 6 and offer you battery replacement for a charge. This charge will be at least double of what you would pay at a local watch store or at a local mobile repair store. But, the quality of the replaced battery is guaranteed. Plus, service assurance of Garmin should overall product health of the Fenix 6 smart watch. You are looking at a battery replacement charge that is anywhere between $100-$220 for a Fenix 6 smart watch. The repair charges are pretty dynamic and fluctuate with a lot of market factors. So, it is best to contact and work with Garmin directly to cut a decent deal for battery replacement on a Fenix 6.

b) Depending on the availability, Garmin may also offer you a replacement Fenix 6 watch that is essentially a refurbished model. In this case too, you will pay for the refurbished model since your Fenix 6 was, presumably, out of warranty. However, this option is heavily dependent on the current policies of Garmin and stocks of the Fenix 6 refurbished watches.

For people who are unwilling to pay upwards of $100 for battery replacement of a Fenix 6 series watch, the other two options are:

a) Buy the compatible battery from Amazon and replace the battery on Fenix 6 on your own. The battery itself costs less than $50. Replacing it is a 20 minute job. So, if you are not technically challenged, you could opt to the replace the Fenix 6 battery on your own for less than $50.

b) Visit a local watch store or a mobile repair shop and choose to get your Fenix 6’s battery replaced by the watch or mobile repair technician. Expectedly, you will be paying anywhere between $60-120 for repair at a local store.

If you wish to get the battery replaced on your own or at a local store, here is the part number for the Fenix 6 battery:

The part number for Fenix 6 battery is 361-00126-00. There may be a difference of battery capacities for the Fenix 6 and the Fenix 6S. The Fenix 6S has the same part number, with a 450 mAH charge. This one should work well for the Fenix 6 as well.

There are no options in the after-market segment for replacement batteries for the Fenix 6 Sapphire or Solar models as these watches are relatively new and battery issues would be next to none as of August 2021. The next few months should see availability of Lithium ion replacement batteries for the Fenix 6 Sapphire and Fenix 6 Solar as well.

If and when you choose to replace Fenix 6’s battery on your own, you need to be aware of a few issues that may affect the watch performance –

  1. the replaced batteries are imported from China. These come with 12 month warranty. But, it is advisable for you to know the process to claim warranty.
  2. the replaced batteries may drain faster or offer lesser backup than the original battery replaced by Garmin. This is one of the most common complaints of users who have tried battery replacement of out of warranty Fenix watches from the local markets.
  3. the Fenix 6 is a sealed unit. The quality of job done by the local watch technician will decide whether the Fenix 6 continues to be waterproof or if the seal has been compromised and tampered permanently on your Fenix 6 watch.
  4. charging the locally sourced battery may not yield the desired outcome, and you may have to do frequent charging to make the Fenix 6 work well.

In most cases, battery replacement from a local watch technician is fraught with potential of mal-functionating of the Fenix smart watch. It is always better to get the battery replaced from Garmin. It costs the double of what you pay at a local store. But, the Fenix 6 will last longer and your ownership will not be plagued with unpredictable issues on features and functioning of the Fenix 6.