Bank of America Data Breach at Infosys McCamish Systems

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Bank of America has confirmed a data breach cyber security incident at one of its vendors. The details of this data breach are shared below.

Salient points about the Bank of America data breach

  • The said data breach is said to have impacted the vendor systems and installations of Infosys McCamish Systems.
  • The data breach happened on 29 October 2023. It was first detected on 30 October 2023. The cybersecurity event resulted in the non-availability of certain applications and systems.
  • The vendor Infosys McCamish Systems with a third-party cyber-security consultancy to contain the impact and perform an audit of the systems compromised by the threat actor.
  • Infosys McCamish Systems confirmed the cyber-incident on 3 November 2023.
  • The vendor reported the data breach to Bank of America on 24 November 2023.
  • Back in November 2023, Lockbit ransomware confirmed the data breach involving over 2000 systems at Infosys McCamish Systems.
  • There has been no official confirmation about the scale and extent of this ransomware attack or data breach incident.
  • Personal record information of Bank of America customers has been breached. Over 57,028 customers have been impacted.
  • Bank of America has confirmed enrolling the impacted customers in a 2-year credit watch service provided by Experian.

What customer data was breached?

The following data of 57,028 customers of Bank of America was accessed by an unauthorized third-party contact:

  • the names of the affected individuals
  • the addresses of the affected individuals
  • the social security numbers
  • the dates of birth
  • the financial information, including account and credit card numbers

It remains unclear if the said information was breached or encrypted. The nature of this cyber attack cannot be confirmed as a ransomware incident or a pure data breach incident.

Post-incident action taken by Bank of America

Meanwhile, Bank of America has offered a complimentary 2-year credit watch service offered by Experian to the impacted customers. Bank of America says that, “out of an abundance of caution”, it is enrolling affected customers in a complimentary two-year membership of identity theft protection services provided by Experian.

The company has filed a data breach notification with the office of the Maine Attorney General on 1 February 2024. You can read about this data breach notification on this page.

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