Autographed by Steve Jobs, Apple II Reference Manual auctions for $787,484

The 196 page reference manual of Apple II was signed by Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula in the year 1980. The auction closed on 19th August and received a total of 46 bids, with the winner walking away with Steve’s signed copy of reference manual for Apple II for a bid of $787,484.

The manual was gifted by Steve Jobs to the son of Mike Brewer, Apple’s distribution partner in UK. Mike went on to become the first Managing Director of Apple Computer (UK) Ltd. Julian Brewer, who received the signed copy of the manual recalls – “I was sitting in my bedroom writing games on my Apple II when Dad called me down to meet some guests. To my amazement it was Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula. I had the manual with me and only later understood how rare it was for Jobs to sign anything, let alone to write an inscription like this. He got on well with Dad, so I feel the inscription was made with care.”

Apple II reference manual sold for $787,484 in an auction

Julian has very fond memories of Steve Jobs as he recollected a chance meeting with Jobs on one other occasion, “I’d accompanied Dad on a visit to Apple in California. I’d just bought an Apple II game called ‘Temple of Apshai’ and couldn’t wait to get it back home to the UK to play. Dad took me to an office where Steve was sitting with his sandals on his desk. I couldn’t believe my luck when he took me to an Apple II and let me load up the game and play it! Fun was always part of Dad’s work. Once he demonstrated an Apple II to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, having asked Apple to program it to play ‘The Sailor’s Hornpipe’, one of the Prince’s favourite tunes. At the time, it would have been quite astonishing!”

Incidentally, Apple II brought a whole lot of business for Steve Jobs and the UK market did extremely well under Mike Brewer. Apple II reported a sale of more than 6 million units. This is quite an improvement over the 200 units of Apple I that were sold earlier.