Apple watch 7 may see a delayed launch

Apple Watch 7 was expected to launch on one of the September launch events for the company. However, reports coming in from business news sites – Nikkei, suggest that production of Apple watch 7 has hit production constraints due to difficult design of the watch. Apple watch 7 is expected to come with a bigger dial size and a flat screen.

It appears that the assembler faced issues in assembling watch components, watch screen and electronic modules during a limited production schedule. The trial production run resulted in issues on the production floor. The challenge is in putting a greater number of components in a small sized compartment. Apple and its suppliers are working on the process to ensure that large scale production of Apple watch 7 watches can be taken forward. It could also be on account of less than satisfactory performance of watch components because rumors suggest that Apple has asked its component suppliers to hold off fresh component supplies to the assemblers.

“Apple and its suppliers are working around the clock trying to solve the issues, but currently it is hard to tell when the mass production could begin,” one of the people added. Apple previously planned to put Apple Watch 7 into mass production around mid-September, another person said, and the engineering team is working to minimize delays.

It remains unclear if the launch data will have to be put off. Apple has not released a statement on the delayed production or constraints affecting smooth production of Apple watch 7.

The new Apple watch comes with blood pressure monitors and improved water resistance rating. The dial size has also been increased to 41 mm and 45 mm. There may be additional changes in the feature set of Apple watch 7.

Rajesh Dhawan

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