Android 12 to allow up to 5 chrome sessions

Android 12 will improve user experience in terms of allowing the users to open up to 5 chrome windows. Each window will run as an independent session on Android phone systems. This will be much like the user experience of opening multiple chrome windows on a Windows desktop. Google is working on the latest Chrome version that will help achieve this functionality on the Android platform.

The multi-instance support for Chrome on the Android platform is currently being tested. The update will add a new button ‘New Windows’ on the context menu of Google Chrome when the device enters a split screen. The user will get an option to launch a new Chrome session in a separate window. Once the new Chrome session opens, the context menu on Chrome updates to ‘Manage Windows’ to allow separate working spaces of Chrome sessions. The ‘manage windows’ option will share a list all active windows, which window is in focus, the title of the active tab in each window, and how many tabs are open in each window.

Chrome beta, dev and Canary users can test this feature. Otherwise, the feature was merged into the Chromium Gerrit and is likely to be a part of future release of Android operating system.

You may read more about the Android 12’s new feature on the XDA site.