AirTags used for car theft

As per unconfirmed reports, AirTags are being unceremoniously used by car thieves to steal expensive cars. The tech friendly thieves seem to have made use of AirTags to track their target cars. At least 5 cases of car theft involving the use of AirTags have been reported in Canada. And, we are hearing of a new case in the Los Angeles county where in a car was stolen, making use of AirTags for geo tracking of the car. Whether the AirTags were the Apple air tags or another company’s device is yet unclear and unconfirmed.

Since September 2021, the York Police has been investigating at least fives cases of car theft in the Ontario province of Canada. In all these cases, a tracker was attached to the car that was stolen. One of the trackers in question is rumored to be the Apple AirTags. However, we have been unable to confirm the brand of the AirTags. Apple AirTags and other such air tags allow GPS tracking. Car thieves plant these devices on the potential target cars in the malls, parking lots . They follow up on the trail of the vehicle and, eventually, steal it at an opportune time. Unsuspecting vehicle owners did not have a clue about the device being used to track, trail and steal their vehicles.

AirTags provide a unique tracking capability, and potentially, can be used for tracking and trailing vehicles of unsuspecting owners. There is not much that can be done to preempt such an installation of the AirTags on any car. The only way out is to build a deterrent for the thieves to steal your car or vehicle. Such deterrence could be built by having additional locks on the car such as the steering lock, wheel locks and even GPS trackers within the vehicle for effective tracking at all times.

While AirTags may be used for tracking potential targets by thieves, it may also be used to track and trail stolen vehicles or cars. It is essentially a matter of the tech being used by people for altogether different reasons.