6 Two-factor Authentication Plugins for WordPress

Two factor authentication is an essential metric for a well protected WordPress website. For a self-hosted WordPress site, the functionality of two factor authentication can be easily achieved using a WordPress plugin. Together with the password based login security, the two-factor authentication will allow you to improve security of the WordPress site.

Below, we look at 6 WordPress plugins that can improve security on a WordPress site. All these plugins are geared towards implementing the two-factor authentication on the self-hosted WordPress website or blog. For blogs that are hosted on WordPress.com platform, the two factor authentication functionality is offered by the WordPress.com platform.


WordFence has got to be the best plugin in terms of augmenting security on a WordPress blog. With over 4 million installations, it is a leading security plugin option for self-hosted blogs of WordPress. One of the features provided by WordFence plugin is the use of two-factor authentication at the time of logging into the site using the wp-admin interface.

WordFence has a full login security module. This module improves login security through a variety of processes and means. The login security of WordFence will:

  • Implement Two-factor authentication (2FA), one of the most secure forms of remote system authentication available via any TOTP-based authenticator app or service. An example of this is the use of Google authenticator app to login to your WordPress site.
  • Thwart bot traffic and Implement a Login Page CAPTCHA that stops bots from logging in.
  • XML-RPC is one of the most abused files on a WordPress site. WordFence can also disable or add 2FA to XML-RPC.
  • It will force the administrators to use difficult passwords and block logins for administrators using known compromised passwords.

WordFence has one of the better reviews on the site. Users vouch for site security achieved through the use of WordFence plugin.

You can check out the WordFence site for further details on the WordFence plugin.

SiteGround Security

Siteground’s Security plugin is a new plugin offering from the famous web hosting company. Impressively, it has already been deployed on over 100,000 WordPress sites as of today. Next to WordFence, Siteground Security is one of the better WordPress plugins for overall site security of the self-hosted WordPress blogs or sites.

Siteground’s Security plugin comes with 2FA or two factor authentication. It uses Google Authenticator app to help the administrators protect the login credentials. You can protect your wp-admin interface by adding the Siteground security plugin and enabling the 2FA feature on the plugin.

You may check out the WordPress website for the Siteground security plugin.

Shield Security

Shield is another security plugin that provides network-intelligence based protection for the self-hosted WordPress blog or website. Shield security is deployed on over 60,000 WordPress websites. It is compatible with the latest WordPress version and allows full functionality of 2 FA or two factor authentication for the WordPress administrators.

The nice thing about the 2FA or two factor authentication on Shield Security plugin is that it goes over and above what other competing plugins offer. You can combine your login password with up to four different 2FA criteria. You can use email, Google authenticator, YubiKey and U2F login authentication for providing the second level authentication for the administrators. YubiKey brings hardware generated codes to protect the account.

Another positive aspect of the Shield security plugin is that it can also allow you to upgrade the 2FA authentication to multi-factor authentication. If required, you could combine email based protection with a YubiKey to bring out multiple levels of protection for a WordPress administrator. This feature is not easy to get or achieve for a self-hosted WordPress site or blog.

You may check out the Shield security plugin on the website.

WordFence Login Security

WordFence login security can be considered as a stripped down version of WordFence. It contains the login security module. This plugin can be used to provide any TOTP based two factor authentication on your website. So, you could use a Google authenticator or Authy authenticator or 1Password or FreeOTP based 2FA or two factor authentication process to authenticate users of a WordPress site. This plugin is open source and is being extensively maintained.

Aside from the login security through integration of 2FA authentication on your WordPress website, the WordFence login security also provides protection against XMLPRC hacks. It can also provide Google captcha based form security to check bots and protect your forms against automated attacks.

WordFence login security is installed on over 30,000 WordPress sites as of September 2021. You can download it from the WordPress website.

You can download the WordFence login security plugin from the WordPress website for free.


miniOrange is emerging as a credible 2FA or two factor authentication plugin for WordPress websites. It provides 2FA and multi factor authentication. The miniOrange plugin also can be configured for a ‘password less’ login into the WordPress administration interface, using your phone number. You can use a combination of password authentication schemes to login without the need of providing a password on the WordPress site.

miniOrange can send you a one time password (OTP) over email or SMS to provide 2FA functionality. It can use any TOTP based method to authenticate the user, such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Security Question etc.

miniOrange is a useful plugin that provides Google authenticator based 2FA solution for 3 users without any costs. If you have a higher number of users, you could take a site wide license to integrate 2FA or two factor authentication on your website.

miniOrange has been installed on over 20,000 WordPress websites as of September, 2021.

You may visit the miniOrange site to get more details about the plugin or to download the plugin.


WP 2FA is a relatively new plugin that offers 2FA functionality for WordPress sites. As of now, this plugin is installed on over 10,000 websites. It provides 2FA functionality through any TOTP based authenticator such as the Google authenticator and Authy authenticator. Email based OTP can also be used for 2FA authentication to login to a WordPress website. This plugin can be downloaded for free from the WordPress site or the site of the developer – White Hat Security.

You can visit the developer website to know more about the 2FA plugin or to download the WP-2FA plugin.

Summary –

If you are looking for a free 2FA plugin for your WordPress site, WordFence login security module or Siteground security plugin should serve you well. And, if you are open to buy a regularly updated 2FA plugin, you could look into Shield Security, miniOrange or Wordfence. Wordfence is right there on the top when it comes to providing foolproof security on your website.